first ear infection – homeopathy to the rescue!

Curious J has been unusually fussy the past few days.  She’s had a fever off and on, she’s looked miserable, and she has definitely not been her usual self.  At first I thought it might be teething, as she has two molars coming in on top, but after observing her misery this morning, I finally gave up and made a doctor appointment to discover exactly what the problem was.

Lo and behold, she has an ear infection!  Her first one!  We saw a nurse-practitioner today, and as she was writing up a prescription, she asked if J was okay with Amoxicillian.  I responded that I didn’t know, as she’s never had it before, and this was her first ear infection.

The NP turned her head to look at me, and said, “Way to go, Mom!  How’d you do that?”

I said, “Well, we’re still breastfeeding [at 13.5 months].”  I didn’t mention that I have allowed my child to have only one vaccination in her whole life.  I try to mention the V-word as little as possible when I’m in the pediatrician’s office.  They don’t look favorably on “negligent” parents like me.


During this time that Curious J has been feverish and sick, I’ve been in regular contact with her homeopath.  At first we were trying a homeopathic teething remedy on her, but today I realized that her problem was more than teething.  After the girls and I returned home from the pediatrician’s office, I called my homeopath and told her about Curious J’s diagnosis of otis media.  After talking more about the specifics of her symptoms, she prescribed two different homeopathic remedies for J.  I went and picked them up at Whole Foods, with the girls and JJ in tow.  (We also picked up supper from the deli, too.  It was nice; it’s been a rough week.)

For those of you interested, Curious J is taking:

  • Pulsatilla (200C), a dose every 2 hours, except if she’s sleeping (remedy for otis media and ear pain with a red hot ear with no discharge, especially otis media following a cold with a dry, loose cough and fever)
  • Kali muriaticum (6C), 3 pellets, 3 times a day (treats infections in the middle ear and the eustachian tubes)
  • I’ve also got some garlic/mullein ear drops for her, but I didn’t get them into her ear yet.

After Curious J’s and my initial visit with our homeopath about two months ago, I got a book out of our local library about homeopathy, called The Complete Guide to Homeopathy: The Principles and Practice.  In the last week or so, I’ve really delved into it, and I’m finding it fascinating.  I have a friend back in Wisconsin (also a pastor’s wife) who uses homeopathy exclusively with her children; knowing someone personally who actually uses homeopathy made me less suspicious of it.  So when I was given a free homeopathic consultation from someone in our church, I decided to give it a try.  I am hoping these remedies work for J’s ear infection, as I would prefer to avoid antibiotics if possible.  And the constitutional homeopathic remedy that Curious J took about two months ago seems to have helped in that she now sleeps better at night (when she doesn’t have a cold or an ear infection!), and the colds that she’s had haven’t turned into bronchiolitis as they did previously.  THAT is fantastic!

The most surprising thing I’ve learned about homeopathy, however, is that there is a remedy for scabies!  So, if we DO end up getting scabies, we have help!  It’s called Psorinum, and I now have it in my possession.  So, if scabies do arrive at our home and/or school, I’M READY.

Who would have thought that alternative medicine could be so darn interesting — and inclusive?

I’ll let you know how the homeopathic remedies work with Curious J…