homeopathy works!

Yesterday, Curious J was diagnosed with an ear infection, the first one in her 13.5 month long life.  After consulting with her homeopath, I started her on a homeopathic remedy regimen.  In just 12 hours, she was MUCH better!  She was acting like her usual self, she looked like her usual self, she ate and slept like her usual self.  What a change!

The only thing that didn’t change much was her temperature.  She still ran a 101 degree fever most of the day.  However, it didn’t seem to bother her one bit, whereas the last few days her 102 degree fever really did her in.  I asked the homeopath about it tonight, and she said that how Curious J was acting was more important than the number on the thermometer.  She also said that J’s body is still fighting off the infection, and her fever should be back to normal by tomorrow.

So, homeopathy — I’m definitely intrigued!