online book club – wanna join?

I recently added the blog Simple Mom to my blogroll.  She’s always got good advice on running a household.  I can’t say that I follow all much any of it, but it’s good to have an ideal for where I’d like to be someday.  I’m getting there; I’m “Not Finished Yet,” remember? 😉

She is starting a non-fiction book club, and she just released the book list for the Sound Mind, Sound Mom Book Club.  The titles she chose are all VERY intruiging to me.  I know that participating in an online book club is probably not the most important thing I could be doing right now, but perhaps it would inspire me to be a better mom in the other areas of my life.

I may give it a try.  Or at least, I may check the books out of the library and read them.  Whatever extent I decide to take this will be Just Fine.

I have even toyed with the idea of creating my own book club with some of my good friends and loyal blog readers (KT, Jackie, Ruth, Sarah C.)  Because I have ideas of my own for good non-fiction books that I think others might like to read (and no, they’re not ALL about alternative health! 🙂 )  But, I don’t know.  However, it’s worth asking:  Would you ladies (and anyone else who would like to join in!  I’m pretty sure I have at least a few other regular readers) like to create our own book club for 2009?  It would be very low-key and low-pressure, and everyone who participates would help choose the books that we read.  I think it would be interesting and fun.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

14 thoughts on “online book club – wanna join?

  1. I’m thinking that this online book club might be better served with it’s own blog. What do you ladies think?

    Also, what suggestions do you have for books that we could read?

  2. I would love this! I do a book club at our local bookstore, but with how sick I’ve been can’t always make it. An online club would be nice. I just finished the most fabulous book, and keep wishing I had someone to discuss it with 🙂

  3. I would like to join a book club, especially one on a blog. Having the flexibility to read a book and comment on it whenever I have time would be a big plus!

  4. Blogging is easy. If you can do Facebook, you can do blogging. 🙂 You’ve already mastered the first step – leaving a comment on a blog!

  5. Kite Runner. Have you read it? (I feel like I was the only person to not have read it!) It was a sad read, but sooo good, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

  6. Emily,

    I’m in! I will have to mention though, as Ruth well knows, I have a horrible habit of starting books and never finishing them. I might need some pushing to keep me reading…


  7. I’ve heard of the book; I think there was a movie based on it. Is the story set in Iraq or somewhere else in the Middle East?

    My personal thought for this book club was to focus on non-fiction, but if more people want to read fiction instead, we could certainly do that. I want to do whatever the majority of the people want to do.

    So, start suggesting some books, ladies!

  8. It is set in Afghanistan. I really recommend it!

    Anyways, I am good with nonfiction or fiction. I will admit I haven’t read a lot of nonfiction, so I’m not sure that I have a lot to suggest….a title that comes to mind is “In An Instant” about Bob Woodruff. I think “Eat, Pray, Love” is considered nonfiction, but I’m not really sure what that is about besides that it has a lot of hype! If I think of any others, I’ll post them…

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