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Plus, Lyd was a snowflake tonight, too!  We attended our local Park & Rec’s “Winter Festival of Dance.”  Lyd and all the other Kinderdancers (the vast majority of which were girls) performed a “Snowflakes and Winter Winds” dance.  All the girls wore little white slips, bare arms and legs, and a little silver garland wreath on their head.  They were SOOOO unbelievably cute!  Lyd did great!  She did just what she was supposed to, and she was one of at least 50 (probably closer to 75) little kids all dancing around on the floor around the grown-up ballerina who played the Snow Queen.  It was so adorable!  She had no stage fright or anything, and she did it just right.  This is a far cry from the girl who, a year and a half ago, spent her first two dance classes in her teacher’s arms, because she was so scared to be in a class without her Momma.  She’s growing up!

(And also in the “Wow, do they grow up fast!” department, one of the dance teachers in this Park & Rec program is a former student of mine from my pre-children days.  We chatted briefly this morning, and she took one look at Lyd and said, “Wow, she looks exactly like you, Emily!”  Nothing like your old students being teachers themselves to make you feel … that kids really do grow up fast!)

As my husband said, he never felt more like a parent than tonight as we sat on bleachers in a crowded gymnasium watching our oldest daughter dance while our baby daughter watched the commotion below as if entranced.  Lyd’s number was done fairly early on, and we managed to make it through just over an hour of the show, as all the other dancers (ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, cultural, young and old, etc.) took their turns on stage.  Lyd loved watching all the other dancers, as I knew she would.

It was fun, and we go again tomorrow (Sunday) night for the second and final performace.  Then it’s home to perhaps decorate a bit of our tree.  A member of our church gives us a real Christmas tree every year, and he dropped it off by our back porch door today, so it’s time to put the tree up!  Lyd will be so glad to do that, and I will, too.  That will really make it start feeling like Christmas.

Of course, I broke out the “Charlie Brown Christmas” CD today, and Lyd agreed with me, that NOW it feels like Christmas at our house!  That CD gets a LOT of airtime at our house during December!


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