December odds ‘n ends

Just some tidbits today:

  • My computer was hit by the “Koobface” worm via a Facebook virus thanks to me not paying attention to a link on which I clicked.  Our congregation’s computer guru (who has a doctorate in computer science and who works for a company that writes programs that biggers companies (like Microsoft) buy), suggested we try the Avast! antivirus program for getting rid of the Trojan horses and worms that came into my computer.  Avast! is a highly recommended and totally free (for home use) antivirus program, and it worked great.  Unfortunately, it seems that one virus attacked my computer’s internet hookup, so while my computer works, I am internet-less at the moment.  I have been using JJ’s laptop today (which is wonderfully fast!  I want one!), but I still hope my internet can get fixed soon.
  • Today I’ve been thinking about all the midwesterners who had a snowday today.  We did not.  We had 65 degrees and sunshine.  It was a lovely day.  But, ah, I miss snow (henceforth the new header and snowflakes on my blog!).  Unfortunately, we don’t get snow here, only rain.  However, we could really use some rain.  Winter is the only time of year when we get rain, and we’re already behind where we should be for rainfall.  If we don’t get a wet winter, we’re likely going to be facing a water shortage next year.  So, please, send some snow/rain our way, okay?  😉
  • Pepper is turning out to be a wonderful cat.  I took her for a free vet consultation today (courtesy of the SPCA), and the vet proclaimed her in perfect health.  Interestingly, he also said she was a “petite” cat.  She’s about ten pounds, the same size as the cats my uncle had in his barn years ago, so she doesn’t strike me as a small cat at all, but I guess my comparisons are off.  She’s fitting in well with our family, and she’s definitely getting more comfortable.  She still hasn’t hissed or clawed in anger once – yay!  This is especially good, considering how she still gets mauled with attention via the girls.  Curious J in particular giggles like crazy every time the cat walks by, and I’m having a hard time trying to convince Lyd NOT to chase the cat around.  They just get so excited!  Pepper tolerates it all well.  When the new year rolls around, we’ll start letting her explore outside.  Until then,  however, I think she’s getting a scratching post for Christmas…
  • Curious J has woken up 3 times the last two (three?) nights.  I am not amused.  However, she and Lyd and JJ are all suffering from runny noses today, so it seems a new cold is starting.  Perhaps that’s why she was waking up so much.  Hopefully I can avoid getting sick again.  I’ve started taking the necessary supplements as a preventative…
  • I’m feeling better about our quiet Christmas.  After writing about how different Christmas was going to be this year, my husband sagely said to me, “Emily, you say that every year.”  That gave me pause to think, and I realized that he was right.  We DO have our own Christmas traditions that we have established over the past few years.  They’re not fancy, but they’re our own.  It will be a good Christmas.
  • JJ and I got the tree in the stand this afternoon.  We’ll get it decorated over the next few days.  Lyd was absolutely ecstatic to see the tree go up.  A member of our congregation gives us a real tree every year, and our tree had been in the back of the porch ever since Saturday.  It’s nice to have it up!  It smells all Christmasy.  Wonder how Curious J will react to the tree?
  • I gave Curious J her first “haircut” this afternoon.  I didn’t want to give her bangs, but she has started to pull barettes out of her hair, and her bangs were almost down to the tip of her nose, so I gave her bangs a trim.  She looks like a different baby, but she’s still a cutie!  🙂

If you’re interested in joining an online book club that I’m starting, check it out here.  I’ve got tons of ideas to suggest for good books that we could read, and I’m so excited about doing this!