first word?

Curious J has not said her first word yet.  She babbles a lot, but she doesn’t actually talk.

(But she can run!  Have I mentioned how agile she is on her feet?  She also walks backwards, and can turn herself around in a circle.  She’s almost jumping.  Apparently she’s been too busy with the large motor skills to worry about talking.)

So, on this particular day, Curious J was in a calm, contented, alert mood.  I was playing with her, and she was making a lot of eye contact with me.  Unable to resist the teachable moment, I said to her, “Say mama!  Maaa-maaa!  Say maa-maa!”  I opened my mouth wide, said it slowly, the whole nine yards.

My baby watched my performance intently, held perfect eye contact with me, and distinctly said:

(wait for it)


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