homeopathy’s unexpected effects

As I mentioned before, Curious J is sick with bronchiolitis again.  Her big sister Lyd merely has a cold, but when J gets a cold, it usually turns into bronchiolitis.  The only exception was the first cold she got after I began working with Masha, my homeopath.  Then at Thanksgiving time, J was sick again with what turned out to be an ear infection, for which Masha prescribed the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla.  It worked like a charm at getting rid of her ear infection – and accompanying fever.  Once Curious J was healthy again, I gave her another dose of her constitutional remedy, Mendorrhinum.  The constitutional remedy is the one that is intended to work on a very deep level in her body to cure the tendency to bronchiolitis.

Then, this cold arrived.  Initially J had merely a sniffly nose and a nagging cough.  Perhaps the cough was a bit bronchiolitis-y, but she certainly wasn’t wheezing.  I asked Masha what she could prescribe for J’s cough.  She prescribed Drosera, I went to Whole Foods and picked it up, gave J a dose immediately, gave her lunch and a nap when we got home, and when J got up from her nap, she was audibly, visibly, and seriously wheezing and coughing — full-on bronchiolitis.  In the time of that nap, she went from mildly sick to majorly sick.  What a change!

I told Masha about this, and she suggested that perhaps the Drosera cancelled out the constitutional remedy, leaving J susceptible to bronchiolitis, which her body easily fell into.  I knew that the wrong homeopathic remedy for a condition won’t cause negative side effects, but I learned from this experience that the wrong homeopathic remedy may cancel out something good that a previous remedy was doing.  That seems to be the case with Curious J.

I’m not upset about this seeming “failure” of homeopathy.  Not at all, although I do hate to see my baby struggling to breathe.   (Thankfully, she is getting a lot better!)  If anything, it convinced me that homeopathy is the right path to be exploring with Curious J.  It DOES work, although, like most things, getting just the right balance is tricky.

(For those of you who are wondering, I pay Masha about $100 a month.  During that month, I can talk to her as much as I want on the phone, email as often as necessary, and if I need to actually see her in her office in person, that’s included, too.  Homeopathic remedies are $8 – $10 a bottle, and one bottle does the trick per illness.  J’s constitutional remedy cost more, but I’ve only given her two doses of that, so there’s still plenty left.  It may seem like a lot, but considering that before your deductible kicks in, just walking into a doctor’s office is going to cost you at least $100, plus there’s medication to pick up at the drugstore afterwards.  So, $100 a month is a pretty good deal, in my opinion.  I wish it counted towards my deductible, however, but oh, well.  Life isn’t perfect.)

I’m very impressed with homeopathy, not only with the powerful positive (and negative) things I’ve seen it do for Curious J, but also for what it’s done for me:

You see, back at Thanksgiving when everyone was more or less sick in our family, I started getting sick, too, as usual.  I catch every cold that comes along, and no matter how much Echinacea, Vitamin C, zinc, chinese herbs, or anything else I take, I ALWAYS get sick.  No exaggeration.  Always.  So, as everyone starts getting sick, I decide to try some Pulsatilla myself.  And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t get sick.

I didn’t. get. sick.

Do you realize how utterly amazing that is for me?  I did NOT get sick!  My cold went away!  I was able to substitute teach in our small school with no problem!  And I hardly took any Echinacea or vitamin C, and I certainly didn’t get any extra rest, so I can’t blame it on that!


But wait, there’s more!

(warning: girly parts mentioned) I had an ovarian cyst rupture two years ago today, December 14, 2006.  It scored me an early morning trip to the ER with JJ because I thought I had a ruptured appendix.  It was pretty severe pain (but not as bad as a pinched nerve in the neck! That’s worse, but I digress…), but there’s nothing much doctors can do for a ruptured ovarian cyst.  You can take some pain meds, but the pain goes away on its own in 48 hours or less.  Thankfully, it’s really not that big of a deal.  That’s what happened with me.

(That cyst also might have been the reason I couldn’t get pregnant, because I’m pretty sure I had that cyst all of 2006.  That cyst ruptured in December, I got my period a few days later, and that next cycle I got pregnant with Curious J even though JJ and I barely tried.)

However, ever since that time two years ago, every time I’ve ovulated, it has felt like an ovarian cyst rupturing again.  Now, technically, that’s what DOES happen when you ovulate.  An egg forms in a special cyst on your ovary, and when you ovulate, that egg breaks free and gets swept into your fallopian tubes.  A woman may feel a bit of … something when that happens, but it’s not a big deal, and certainly nothing to slow you down too much.

That’s NOT what was happening with me.  Every time I ovulated, I was in horrible pain for 4-6 hours, pain so bad I couldn’t stand up straight.  Luckily, I never ovulated during a time where I had to do something specific, like teach or play organ or be somewhere out in public.  I could just hole up at home for a few hours until the pain went away.

However, this month when I ovulated … I didn’t notice it!  At one point I felt a little something in my abdomen and wondered if I might be about to ovulate, but then it went away and I forgot about it.  Now my cycle is over, and I am amazed at having gone through my cycle without that horrible ovulation pain!  Also, my acne has gotten better, and, most amazing to me, everyone in my house is sick again, and I’M NOT SICK.  All week the girls have been sick; all week I’ve been around them, being sneezed on and wiping runny noses; all week I’ve been taking a little Echinacea here and there, but nothing much; all week my sleep has been disturbed every night by some sick person, either one of my girls waking up in tears, or my husband waking up with coughing spells next to me in bed.

Yet for all of that, I’M NOT SICK (knock on wood 🙂 )

The only thing that has changed is that I took that Pulsatilla.

For what it’s worth, Pulsatilla is mainly used for:

  • illnesses with profuse yellow or yellowish-green discharges (ie. colds)
  • digestive problems
  • gynecological complaints
  • emotional problems, such as depression

I am very impressed with homeopathy.


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  1. Re: constitutional remedies vs. acute/sickness remedies

    Are they categorized as such, or could, perhaps, Drosera (for instance) be a constitutional remedy for someone else?

    I have a lot of questions – maybe we shold read a book on homeopathy!

  2. Hi i guess there are some differing thoughts on what a constitutional remedy is. My understanding is that it is the remedy which matches the totality of the persons condition taking into acount history of previous treatments etc etc. The constitutional remedy can change depending upon the changes that take place in the person. I would recomment reading lectures on homeopathic philosophy by James T Kent,.

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