not a real apple

We happened to have a Red Delicious apple in the house recently, and I cut it up to serve with supper last night.  I don’t buy Red Delicious apples – they taste too mealy and bland to me.  But, we had this apple in the house, and I decided it was time to eat it up.

After supper, Lyd whined to me, “Momma, I’m still hungry!”

I pointed at the bowl containing the apple slices, and said, “Have some apples.”

“Where are they?” she asked, staring right at the table.

“Right there in front of you, in the bowl,” I responded.

Incredulously, Lyd pointed at the bowl and said, “This?”


“Mom,” Lyd said condescendingly, as she picked up an apple slice and held it up to me.  “Look at this.  THIS is not a real apple!”


I guess I’ve raised my daughter with a taste for “real” apples!

(Frankly, I agree with her.  I’ve never liked the taste of Red Delicious apples.  I much prefer Braeburns, crisp mountain-grown Fuji’s (not the mealy lunchbox ones), Pink Lady’s or, my favorite, Honeycrisp.  They’re expensive, but SO delicious!)


4 thoughts on “not a real apple

  1. I like Galas myself. Sounds like mother like daughter. Oh well, that lets you know what kind of mischief to expect in the future. Visit me at
    I think you’d enjoy my latest blog post “Claus and the Consultant”. Put your laughin’ shoes on when you come.

  2. There was no fake red dye, thank goodness, but it was not a very “delicious” apple, despite it’s name.

    And — Yes! I am jealous, Ruth! Honeycrisp apples in your backyard?? Did you plant them yourself, or were they already there when you bought the property? Either way, enjoy!

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