meep meep!

One of my gifts to my husband this past Christmas was a 2-disc DVD titled, “Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection.”  It has 28 short cartoons featuring favorite Looney Tunes characters.  JJ and I watched a few of them last night, and it was really kind of fun to watch those old cartoons!

Tonight, as I was finishing up making supper, JJ put some of these cartoons on for Lyd.  He chose one called Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears.  Apparently, she thought it was pretty funny!   They also watched a Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote one, and he had to explain to her how the coyote gets clobbered every time, but always comes back and tries again.  After supper, we watched one more cartoon, and she really liked that one, too.

Watching these old cartoons got me thinking about how different cartoons are today from what they were in the days of Looney Tunes.  Nowadays, cartoons are out to teach something: morals, spanish, reading, science, friendship, etc.  But Looney Tunes were out to make kids laugh!  And Lyd was laughing!  JJ and I were laughing last night!  Not outright guffaws or anything, but we enjoyed them.  Is it indicative of our generation that we have to be teaching our kids something ALL THE TIME, even when they’re watching cartoons?  Give the kids a break!  Let ’em laugh!

I’m glad these old cartoons are being released on DVD.  We’re all going to enjoy them at our house. 🙂