a good week

Our little family has had a good week.  JJ has commented on it more than once.  Not only did we have simply beautiful weather this week, JJ and I were really in-tune with each other this week, marriage-wise.  2008 was a rough year for us.  JJ was gone a lot, he had a lot of stressful situations to deal with, and there were a lot of big projects on his plate that demanded much of his time.  There are more big projects to come (the biggest being taking his Comprehensive Exams for his Master’s degree), and the stressful situations are far from resolved, but this week provided a welcome break.

JJ made breakfast for us all at least three mornings this week (including his usual big Saturday morning breakfast that he makes for me before I head off to teach my music classes), and he and I found/created numerous opportunities for intellectual conversation.  We talked theology a lot this week thanks to an email interchange that I’ve been having with a dear friend, and I’ve come away from our conversations realizing the depth of the Scriptures, the depth of the theological training my husband received at Seminary, how smart and kind and insightful my husband is, and I’ve been given a renewed desire to delve into Scriptures more.  We had other non-theological conversations too, some funny, some serious, but whatever we were talking about, it was interesting, stimulating, and enjoyable.

I managed to get meals on the table a little quicker than last week, and we had a some pleasant evenings together as a family.  I even had a few nights where we got done with supper early enough that JJ could amuse the girls in the toyroom while I washed the dishes BEFORE putting the girls to bed!  I can’t tell you how lovely it was to come downstairs after putting the girls to bed and not face a kitchen full of dirty dishes.  Plus, doing dishes while listening to JJ and the girls laughing and having a good time together in the toy room was so heartwarming.

This week was good because Curious J is continuing to make progress on sleeping through the night.  We had two nights (including last night) where she made it through the night without a peep, but most nights she still wakes up at some point and cries.  Most times she eventually goes back to sleep after 5-10 minutes or so, although one night I asked JJ to go to her and help her go back to sleep so that I wouldn’t have to go in and have her expect to be nursed, which he did, and it worked.  One night she woke up twice and I nursed her both times (I don’t remember why), but overall we are seeing fantastic progress over the past 2 1/2 weeks.  This is SO encouraging!

Curious J is falling into a nice daytime schedule, too.  She goes down for a nap around noon/12:30, sleeping for up to 2 hours.  She wakes up around the time that Lyd gets home from school, so I have a little time to myself midday.  I like that!  Plus, Curious J did great coming to my music class on Tuesday morning, and she did great with the babysitter there as well.  Yay!  She’s a darling little girl.

Lyd has been asking all sorts of interesting questions again this week, and she’s been listening better than previous weeks.  I don’t think she got any favorite toy taken away from her for more than a day.  She’s been LOVING her princess dress-up clothes, and it’s been so sweet to see her traipsing around the house in a frothy sparkly pink dress with a tiara in her hair and other assorted items (that usually aren’t quite so princessy or so pretty) draped around her in some fashion.  She’s so beautiful and sweet and joyous – sometimes I get a lump in my throat looking at her because she’s just so sweet and innocent and trusting and genuine and secure in our love and excited to go to heaven someday.  I never pictured myself with a daughter when I was younger, and I certainly never pictured anything as wonderful as her.

I know I’m kind of breathlessly rhapsodizing about the wonderfulness of my family, but I know that good times don’t remain.  Things change.  I know there is more stress and hard times coming down the pike, and so I want to savor this week now while I can.  It’s important to remember that life can be this good when life gets tough.

Finally, we think we can finally say that Curious J has her first word!  Specifically, her first phrase.  When she sees the kitty, she says, “Hi cat!”  It also could be her saying, “Hi dad,” but she says it very excitedly when she’s around the cat, so… 🙂