affirmations of love

As parents, you pour so much love and care and attention into your child — and you really get so little affirmation back.  The first smiles are greeted with delight, and the first time the child raises their arms up to you asking to be held are great moments in parenting.  “Finally!” we think.  “My child loves me!”

At 15.5 months, Curious J is finding new ways to demonstrate that she loves us.  Lately, when we’re giving her hugs, she will sometimes pat us on our back, the same way that JJ and I often do with her when we’re giving her a hug.  This evening while I was nursing her, she gently patted my face in that same manner.  It was so beautiful to see her trying to hug me like that.

In another first, tonight, for the first time, as I put her down in her crib for the night, she waved goodbye to me with her chubby little hand.  I never wave goodbye to her at nighttime, so her actions were completely unsolicited on my part.  It was so wonderful to have her communicate something to me that was an emotion rather than a need.  And, of course, it was so cute! 🙂

I still can’t stop smiling.  It’s wonderful to be loved by my baby.


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