One thought on “the octuplets

  1. The “unconditional love” thing was actually one of my greatest dissapointments after becoming a parent. I THOUGHT I was gonna get it, but it never came. I soon realized (and came to grips with the fact) that little babies are sinful human beings, incapable of loving or thinking of others. I am OK with this and can deal with it rather well, surprisingly! But even now my toddler daughter is very conditional in her love for me. As long as she is well-fed, has enough sleep and entertainments, then she “loves” me! lol But it is getting better. Love is an action, and therefore a thing that needs to be learned.

    The misconception that Ms. Suleman has is actually a reversal of reality. The parent is the one that has or at the very least ought to have unconditional love for the child. Then the child can learn to love from the example of the parent. She is perhaps confusing need with love. Babies need their mothers, but they do not really love them.

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