new links

I updated my blog links today, removing some and adding new ones in.  I am not necessarily in complete agreement (especially doctrinally) with every blog I link to, but I link to them because I find them interesting for one reason or another.

Of special interest that I want to point out is Treesa’s Bali Blog.  Treesa was my doula with Curious J’s birth, and I am so grateful to have had her there, not only for the birth, but for the month preceeding.  She “doula”-ed me through that whole month and kept me sane when I thought I would lose it.  She reaffirmed my desire to become a doula.  Treesa is on her way to the island of Bali tomorrow to be part of a 6 week midwifery program.  I pray that she has a wonderful and informative time, and I’ll be actively reading her new blog.