giving up something for Lent

This year, for the first time (I think?  I don’t remember.), I’m giving up something for Lent.  I don’t have to do it, nobody’s making me, and it’s a decision I made entirely on my own.

And, honestly, there’s a slightly self-serving reason behind it, so I wouldn’t say I’m denying myself purely for the sake of denying myself.  (But, hey, my pastor-hubby gave up eating wheat for Lent last year, and that had the obvious side benefit of making him eat healthier.)

What am I giving up for Lent?  I am giving up my morning computer time.

By the time Lyd is off to school (by 8:30 am), I usually have my computer booted up and ready to go.  I check email, Facebook, and my blog.  I often start browsing other people’s blogs, too.  Often something grabs my attention and I have to write something in response.  In short, I can easily waste a lot of time in the morning on the computer.

But, morning time is Prime Time for me to get something useful done.  My friend Jen and I have started walking on M, W, F mornings, and I’d like to continue that good trend.  With the computer off, I HAVE to focus on getting something done in the house, and I can always find something useful to do.  And it’s nice for my brain to be able to start the day without deluging it with stories and tidbits of info from off the internet and Facebook.

So, no morning computer time it is.  (Unless I have something business-y to attend to.  Like last night I emailed a neighbor asking if she would babysit my girls during the Ash Wednesday service, as I was playing organ and JJ was, obviously, up in front.  I had to check my email in the morning to see if she could do it.  I deemed that a legitimate reason.)

This morning, rather than putzing on the computer, I got one chunk done on my taxes.  I am pleased.

So far, so good.

(And now that it’s afternoon, I fear I must log onto Facebook again.  The urge!  It’s overwhelming!)


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  1. I must say that after giving up TV purely for monetary reasons, I have gotten a lot more done around my house, too!

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