good health, mostly

I am amazed by the fact that it’s March and our little family of four has not been sick this winter.  No crud or phlegm or cough or ANYTHING has brought down our family.  Even Curious J has not been sick since December!

This is AMAZING.

Now, to be fair, Lyd rarely gets sick anyway.  She got some cold once in Nov or Dec, if I remember correctly, but that was her first sickness in years.  She literally has not been to her pediatrician since she was three years old.  She simply doesn’t get sick.  Methinks she has her father’s strong constitution. 🙂

JJ also hasn’t gotten sick.  His last few months have been less stressful in that he’s not constantly getting to bed after midnight and he’s not jetting around the country hither and yon like he did last year.  He was also given a huge honor (which I can’t say too much about yet, but it will come. It will come) that’s made him feel very validated and confident, and his dreaded Comprehensive Exams for his Master’s Degree are turning out to be a lot easier than he was expecting.  He met with his advisor on Monday (whom we affectionately dub “Father Potty Mouth” — those Jesuits! :)) who despite his love of four-letter words is bringing some good and much-needed change to the Pastoral Studies division at the university where JJ attends.  JJ was afraid that he’d have to do his Comps from a Catholic perspective, which meant that he’d really have to get better at the intricacies of Catholic theology (he’s already very good with it, but he’d have to be VERY good), but Father Potty Mouth said that JJ can answer the questions from his own Confessional Lutheran perspective.  What a huge relief!!!  That’s taken away the One Thing that’s been making JJ drag his feet to complete his Comps all this time.  JJ came home saying, “I’m ready to take the Comps right now!”  So, that’s a big prayer answered.

The other nice thing with JJ’s health is that the allergy shots that he’s been doing for 2+ years seem to be doing great things for him.  JJ is horribly allergic to something that blooms on our property in Jan-Feb-March.  He’s been absolutely leveled by his allergies in the past.  But now?  He is Just Fine, which considering the agony he’s gone through in past years, is just a tremendous blessing.  He still has to go in for an allergy shot once a month (and he will have to continue doing that as long as we live here), but it is a miniscule price to pay for the benefits he’s reaped.

Little Miss J has stayed healthy this winter, too!  I haven’t done anything to/for her since she finished up her round of antibiotics in late December: no vitamins, no homeopathic remedies, no nothing.  However, I have kept the humidifier running in her room 24/7.  Her room has a major heating vent in it (our house is wired and vented strangely), and as a result, her room gets super hot and dry.  So, knowing that, and knowing that the first thing I do when she starts getting sick and/or breathing problems is put on the humidifier, I decided to just leave it running all the time.  And, lo and behold, she hasn’t gotten sick!

JJ thought that idea was strange at first, although he didn’t say anything.  I only learned this when I found a newspaper article a month or so ago that said that flu viruses can’t live as easily in humidified air.  For some reason, the drier the air, the easier it is for flu viruses to live, and the easier it is to catch them.  I was so glad to find that article, validating what I was already doing.  Because, logically, if humidified air is bad for flu viruses, it’s probably bad for other viruses and bacteria, too.  So, I don’t know if it’s the constant humidifying that’s going on in her room, but she’s remained healthy!

Actually, come to think of it, she DID have a little cold before we left for SoCal.  But, I gave her a few doses of Pulsatilla, and it went away!  SCORE!!  Another cold with no resulting bronchiolitis!

As for me, I’ve stayed healthy, too.  Usually ever winter I get at least one case of bronchitis, and this has happened ever since we moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001.  But I have taken Pulsatilla off and on for the past few months, too, and it has definitely done Something for me.  Not sure what, but it’s doing something.  I haven’t gotten sick either, which is completely unlike what normally happens.

However, something new seems to have arrived to take the place of the recurrent bronchitis — Bladder Infections (or Urinary Tract Infections. I don’t think there’s that much difference between them.  They’re certainly dealt with the same way in alternative medicine.)  I had my first one at the beginning of February.  It was NOT FUN.  Some time between now and then, I had a day when I felt like I might be starting another one, but I took all the homeopathic stuff, cranberry/herb capsules, echinacea, and Vitamin C that I had from the last time, drank a lot of water, and the “off” feeling went away.  I woke up this morning suspecting that something was wrong again, but this time it got worse faster than I could make it better.  Thankfully, I got to the doctor this morning already, got my antibiotics, and have taken my first dose.  I am again taking all the Stuff and drinking water, but this time I’m very thankful for the antibiotics.

Considering all that’s happened, including some other things that my body has been doing which aren’t problems but are definitely different, I’m going to have my own visit on Monday with Curious J’s homeopath.  I need a professional; I can’t self-treat anymore.  I’ve heard it said about both TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and homeopathy that the process of restoring health can be like peeling back layers of an onion.  You get rid of one layer (problem) and it reveals another layer (another problem).  New symptoms emerge that are different than what you had before, but it means that your body is changing, it is healing, it is doing something.  I can tell that something has changed in my body, and I want to make sure I’m headed in the right direction with the healing process.

I am so thankful to be living in a part of the country where I have so many options for health available to me.  And I’m thankful to have a doctor who supports my efforts to try alternative health options.  My doctor wrote me out the prescription for antibiotics, but she also encouraged me to try the homeopathy, saying that it can really work well.  God has given so much amazing knowledge to people in this world, and whichever route works best for a person, it’s all a blessing from him.  I was on the fence for a while about whether I wanted to look futher into utilizing homeopathy for myself.  But now that my health has taken this turn, it’s made my decision easy.  I’m excited to meet with my homeopath and start figuring out how to help restore my body to better health.