anti-procrastination commiseration

I recently have been blessed to have the opportunity to make a new friend.  My new friend and I recently realized that while both of us are interested in a variety of different things and love learning about new topics, we both have to daily struggle against procrastination.  Quelling our rapid-fire thought processes to focus on more mundane activities is … really boring to us, and so we struggle with avoiding those tasks for as long as we can.  Yet both of us have important responsibilities, with people big and small relying on us, and we both have important, God-given vocations which God expects us to fulfill to our best ability.  So, we struggle to stay focused, curb our interests and imaginations until a later time, and forge ahead as best as we can.

As I surveyed my work today, I realized that as usual, there was plenty of it that needed to be done.  And unfortunately, most of it was of the non-imaginative, closer-to-drudgery kind of work.  However, like most work, it was better done sooner than later.  I thought of my friend, also struggling to get necessary tasks done, and I had this feeling of both of us being in this together, both fighting against our procrastinating tendencies.  I felt buoyed up by the knowledge that someone out there felt the same way I did, and it inspired me to tackle my tasks with more vigor than usual, even though the tasks certainly weren’t all that exciting.

(One of my tasks was starting a mountain of laundry.  Luckily, we’re having beautiful weather, and the laundry room has a door that opens directly to the outside.  So, I opened the door and sorted laundry today while listening to the birds chirp and smelling the good smells of the outdoors.  That definitely made my working environment a little more pleasant.  What a blessing nice weather is!)

This imagined “anti-procrastination commiseration” created a sort of cameraderie, a feeling of not being quite so alone, and it helped me stay focused and get needed tasks done today.  Granted, like most days, I could have gotten more done, but I definitely got work done today, and I am grateful for that.

Of course, tomorrow more tasks await me.  The biggest is that the leftovers are just about finished up in our house, and I’m going to have to do some actual cooking for supper tomorrow night.   Except for supper on Monday night (in which I turned some turkey breast, gravy and mashed potato leftovers into Turkey Shepherd’s Pie – yum!) I haven’t cooked since Saturday.  The break has been a real treat, but it seems that the time has come to return to reality.

I hope I can keep this anti-procrastination feeling going tomorrow, too!  Grandma Violet would be proud of me.