little miss fussypants

Curious J has been super-fussy the last one, two, four weeks.  I’m not sure when this started, but I know it hasn’t ended yet!

She’s not sick (unless there’s some symptom-less thing going on in her body that I don’t know about).  I thought she was done teething, but then I noticed that she’s chewing on her fingers a lot.  I managed to sneak a peek in her mouth during a happy moment, and it seems that her bottom eyeteeth might not be full in yet.  Perhaps that’s the problem.  But she’s certainly got a mouthful of teeth otherwise!

Another theory is that she’s just very frustrated about her inability to talk yet.  We’re getting there, slowly but surely, and I can see definite progress, but I wouldn’t say that the lightbulb has clicked on in her brain yet.  I’m no longer worried about her lack of intelligible speech, but I am looking forward to the day when she can communicate easily with us.

The other thought I have as to what might be causing this is simple boredom.  I do play with her, but thanks to her older sister being in school, she is on her own for much of the morning.  Her father and I are around, of course, but I can’t be down on her level all the time.  I try not to let her watch TV in the mornings, but sometimes when I just can’t take the whining and/or I need to get something done without her hanging on my leg, I will turn it on, and it always calms her down.  Of course, this response makes me want to turn it on more, but I also refuse to let my child be raised by TV.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, but most mornings do not qualify as “desperate times.”  Oh, well.  Whether boredom is the primary cause of this fussiness or not, I should still make an effort to arrange some playdates for her.  Or join a playgroup or something like that.


Despite the fussiness, she continues to grow like a weed.  I brought out the “18-24 month” bin of girls clothes that I packed away when her older sister outgrew them.  There are some memorable outfits in here, outfits that Lyd wore for quite some time and in which we have many pictures.  It’s neat and strange and reminiscent and unbelievable that Curious J fits into these clothes now.  I’ve noticed recently that when I hold her and am standing in front of a mirror, her feet stick out to below my waist now.  I remember when she was a little peanut of a baby who fit neatly onto my chest.  But now she’s getting so long and tall!  I have a feeling that she’s going to be built just like her big sister, long and lean.  And despite their vastly different colorings (L is pale skinned, blond haired and green-eyed, while J is darker skinned, brown haired and hazel-eyed), I think their facial features are a lot alike, too.

(How neither of these girls have either JJ’s or my eye color is beyond me.  JJ’s are chocolate brown, and mine are sky-blue with just a hint of green around the pupil.  But Lyd’s eyes are most definitely greenish-gray with no blue in them, and Curious J’s are hazel (brownish-green).  I know that these are most certainly JJ’s and my offspring, and seeing the genetics that my kids ended up makes me amazed at the uniqueness of our bodies!)

I hope that they become the same size when they are grown up, so that they can exchange outfits and such.  But more importantly, I dearly hope they’re good friends throughout their lives.  I think they are off to a good start. 🙂