why I am content to never learn how to ski

Perhaps you have never heard of her, but 45-year old actress Natasha Richardson died yesterday after a minor head injury suffered on a beginner ski slope during a private lesson in Quebec, Canada.  She was married to actor Liam Neeson, an actor whose work I greatly admire.

The story of her life is here, the story of her death is here, and the questions raised by her autopsy is here.


I did go skiing once, in eighth grade.  It was a bit traumatic.  There were a lot of people on the slopes, and I felt very out of my comfort zone.  I could not even get down the bunny hill without falling numerous times.  The ski lift scared me, and I felt I was going to fall forward and off.  When I finally got up to the top of a mountain, some of the people I was with tried to convince me to go down a hard slope, a double diamond slope.  Against my better judgement, I went about 20-30 feet down, saw the kind of slope I was headed for, managed to stop (by falling down, of course), and trudged back up the hill to the top.  I don’t remember what happened after that, if I went down an easier slope or what.  Obviously, I got down the hill somehow.  But it was NOT a good experience, and I have had zero desire to try skiing since then.

And this story gives me even less-than-zero desire to try skiing again.

Which is sort of a shame, I guess.  I live relatively close to Lake Tahoe and all the lovely ski resorts there.  Well, if someone I know and trust is willing to patiently give me a one-on-one lesson, I might consider it.  Until then, no skiing for me!


2 thoughts on “why I am content to never learn how to ski

  1. Me, too! I had a bad experience the one and only time that I’ve skiied (fell and bounced off my head/neck). I have absolutely NO desire to go again!

  2. That’s it! You’re not going on vacay with me! lol I DO love downhill skiing, though 🙂 But it does seem like an awful lot of celebrities die in skiing accidents… 😦

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