Why bother? They’re barely dirty!

Last week, I told about how excited Lyd was to clean the bathrooms with me.  I figured the excitement would wear off.

Apparently not.

Today, she asked me, “Can we clean the bathrooms again, Momma?”

(You must understand that I avoid cleaning the bathrooms until they’re REALLY dirty.  I clean my kitchen well every night, but neglect my bathrooms.  Apparently, I have my priorities.)

I nebulously responded, “Sure, okay, I guess, when you get home from school.”

Not surprisingly, when Lyd arrived home from school, after reading a book together, Lyd asked me, “Can we clean the bathrooms now?”

I shook my head in disbelief, but I said, “Sure.”

And, we did.


I asked her what her favorite part of cleaning the bathroom is, and she responded, “Spraying the 409!”  No big surprise.  So, today we worked on spraying less cleaner, and using it fully.  I taught her the phrase, “A little bit goes a long way.”  We’ll see if she remembers this lesson next week when she (most likely) will make me clean the bathrooms with her again…