lovely day

We are having picture-perfect weather here in the middle of the San Francisco Peninsula today.  It’s just utterly lovely outside.  The temperatures are in the low 70s, there’s the faintest of breezes, the sky is blue, the air is clear, and the view is spectacular.  I even changed my header picture in honor of the day. This particular view of San Francisco can be found at a lookout spot about half a mile from our home.

I took Curious J outside for a little walk with me late this morning.  We could hear birds singing and a woodpecker pecking, as well as the low rumble of a big plane taking off from SFO.  Occasionally, a plane flew high overhead as it began circling to come in to land at SFO.  We walked almost to the end of the driveway and sat together (at a distance) to watch cars and trucks drive by.  It was just a perfect, lovely day.

We came back up to the house, and I spent a little time watering my flowers.  (Curious J spent the time digging in the fresh mud – good thing I was already in the process of doing laundry!)  About half of my flowers that I planted last fall survived the winter, and they are bigger and prettier than ever.  But there are also some bare spots that need to be filled in.  I don’t want to plant too much, because California is in a drought, but I’d like to get a few more flowers to plant.  I have a coupon for our local lawn and garden store that I plan to put to good use in the next few days before it expires.  I definitely want to finish my purchases before April 1, the day when the California sales tax goes up 1%, bringing our county’s sales tax to a whopping 9.25%.  [Picture me shaking my head in disgust and rolling my eyes.  California is too nice to too many people!  If the state would just stop that, our problems would be solved.  Anyway…]

California.  It’s gorgeous here, but it’s definitely not without it’s problems.  Yet it’s where God wants me and my family to be, so I’ll focus on the good parts as much as possible.  It’s certainly easy to focus on the good aspects of California living  on a lovely day like today.