Momma’s playdate

Last night, I informed Lyd that I would be gone most of the next day.  She immediately teared up and said, “I don’t want you to go!”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because then our family won’t be all together!” she responded tearfully.

I countered, “But don’t you enjoy your times when you go over to your friend’s house?  Our family’s not all together then.”  Lyd remained unconvinced.  I added, “Tomorrow is like a playdate for Momma.  You will have a friend and her momma here to play with after school.  I will be home by suppertime, and I will tuck you into bed and read you a story like I always do.”


Yes, today was MY playdate!  And a very enjoyable playdate it was!  Three times a year, I attend a Music Together Skills and Songs Workshop.  In the morning, we work on a skill specific to MT teaching, and in the afternoon we go through all the songs in the upcoming collection and share ideas for how to develop these songs in class.  These days are long and a bit tiring, but always loads of fun and very musically inspirational.  Today was especially so.

The morning workshop began at 9am, and it focused on Parent Education outside of class, a topic that I’ve recently been thinking about quite a bit.  It focused on making us as teachers better equipped to answer questions like “Why should we do early childhood music?” and “How can I tell my child is musical?”  It was very affirming, validating, and a lot of fun.

Thanks to my wonderful husband taking care of Curious J, I was able to go out to lunch with my colleagues.  Nine of us carpooled over to the downtown area of the city we were in, and we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant.  It was a new experience for me; luckily one of my fellow teachers is Asian, and could guide me through the menu.  I chose a basic bowl of Pho (pronounced “foe”) soup with beef brisket.  It was fairly mild, and I did my best to use chopsticks to eat the rice noodles and beef out of the bowl.  I wasn’t sorry I tried it, as I had heard of pho and wanted to give it a fair try.  However, I got to sample a few items off of the plates of others, and next time I’ll definitely order something different!

In the afternoon, we had our songs workshop, and we all had SUCH a good time!  You know how it is when you get a joke going, and as your time together with that person(s) goes on, the joke just keeps getting bigger and funnier?  That’s what happened today.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard, as well as had my mind so actively engaged for so long.  It was a very enjoyable day, and I am now much more jazzed to teach this spring’s “Triangles” music collection than I was before.

I arrived home at 5:30, to find a smiling husband, two daughters happy to see me, and supper already in the oven.  I worked hard last night to make a thick, delicious lasagna, knowing that the leftovers would serve me well tonight at suppertime.  And, they did.

I thoroughly enjoyed my “playdate” today!  Anytime you get to spend a morning talking about music and children, have a nice lunch with friends (without any kids along!), spend the afternoon singing and dancing and playing with instruments and silky scarves, and get to come home to a happy family is a Good Day!


(I even had a chance to witness to my faith in an articulate way today during a one-on-one conversation during one of our breaks.  How cool is that?)


PS. Lyd made it through the day just fine, and in the afternoon she had a marvelous time with her friend riding bikes, playing in the ponds, watercolor painting, and just being kids.