getting away

We’re leaving for our all-day cross-country plane trip back to the Midwest today.  Since Curious J has to ride on our laps, I bought Hylands’ “Calms” homeopathic tablets to help her be calmer on the plane.  Maybe she’ll even be able to take a real nap!  That would be a first.

I have food packed, a backpack full of activities for the girls as well as two extra outfits and plenty of diapers and wipes for Curious J.  Hopefully with both JJ and I taking turns with the girls, the trip will go smoothly and quickly.  Send up a prayer for us for safe flights and that all goes well!

My girls have not seen their grandparents since last August, and both girls have changed a lot in eight months.  We’re all really looking forward to this trip.  It will be so nice to be with family again.

Grandma Violet’s birthday would have been during this trip; her birthday was part of the reason that we timed this trip when we did.  We’ll be visiting her grave on her birthday; I’m sure it will be an emotional experience for all of us.  I told Grandma in our last conversation that I would be there for her birthday, and I will be, just like I said.

The time will go too fast, and we’ll probably skimp on sleep in order to have more time to visit, but it will be a good trip.  I can’t wait to have my girls meet their grandparents again — this is the longest time we have gone without them seeing the girls.  And Spring in the Midwest is always lovely.


My blog will stay active while I’m gone.  I’ve got some interesting posts planned, so please keep on visiting! 🙂