gratefulness, rather than whining

I had in mind to write a whiny, complaining blog post, and then I realized, “Who wants to read that?”  So, I’ll instead focus on the blessings that God provides amidst all the germs:

  1. I am grateful that the on-call doctor was willing to call Walgreen’s with a prescription for antibiotics over the phone for me last night.  I have another bladder infection, and I was really trying to fight it off all day yesterday with herbs and homeopathy, but in the evening I lost.  Thank God for the on-call doctor.  And, this also means I don’t have to spend the money to have an office visit.  Yay!
  2. I am grateful that the homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica is working so well for my husband.  His cold has taken a dramatic turn for the better, and while he’s not A-okay yet, he is vastly improved over what  he was when we arrived home Friday afternoon.
  3. I am grateful for Vick’s VapoRub that I could smear on Lyd’s chest at 3am this morning when she came into my room congested and coughing and crying that she couldn’t breathe.  I’m also grateful that she sleeps in a double bed, so that I could go spend the rest of the night with her, comforting her wordlessly with my presence as she tucked her body in next to mine.
  4. I am grateful that Curious J continues to sleep through the night.  I am grateful that she is unfazed by her bronchiolitis-coughing and stuffiness.  I am grateful (albeit sometimes overwhelmed) by her energy and enthusiasm, and so thankful to have a kid who is so tough.  Sometime in the past year, when she had another bout of bronchiolitis, her pediatrician said that she’d never seen a kid so happy and yet so sick.  That’s my girl.  She’s always ready for adventure.
  5. I am grateful for leftovers and for a hearty Coffee Hour after church, which meant my few leftovers stretched even further to make an acceptable lunch.
  6. I am grateful for cars that run reliably.  After our flat tire experience, I am very grateful for that.
  7. I am grateful for Easter hymns that remind me that we here on earth sing the same songs as the heavenly chorus above.  It makes me feel closer to Grandma Violet.

So, we’re all tired and sick and a bit irritable and whiny, but in reality, we’re all just fine.  These illnesses won’t last forever.  We’ll all be healthy soon, I’m sure.  And it’s good to realize that God is still looking out for us, even in these difficult, germ-filled days.