ahh, a new monitor

With the thought that it might alleviate some of my arm issues, JJ bought and installed a new flatscreen monitor on my computer this week.  My old monitor was great picture-wise, but it was HUGE.  It was given to us by a gentleman from our church whose Silicon Valley company was upgrading their computer screen (probably to flatscreens!), and at that time I needed a new monitor, so it worked out well.  But, it was huge, the screen was right in my face, and it took up practically all the space on my desk.  The new monitor is great, the picture is no longer right in my face, and it has made my computer desk feel entirely different.  This is a real blessing, because we had also thought about getting me a new computer desk to help out my arm.  But, I like my old one; it’s compact, it fits all my Music Together and Kids Sing CD’s perfectly, and I’m happy to be able to keep it for now.  However, we are going to look into getting me a real computer chair, rather than the extra kitchen chair I’m currently using.

Best of all, this new flatscreen monitor seems to be helping my carpal tunnel issues.  When I sit at my desk, the monitor is no longer right in my face, which probably was causing some of my problems.  I know that I I feel more ergonomic already.  I talked to a friend of mine who has had carpal tunnel issues in the past, and he said that the important thing in avoiding carpal tunnel problems at the computer is to have your body at as many 90 degree angles as possible.  That’s what I already have with this desk, and it’s even better now with the flatscreen.  So, perhaps I won’t get a new desk afterall.

I’ve been thinking about this carpal tunnel business a lot, and I’ve realized that my problems MUST be coming from something other than just the computer.  For all that I feel I am on the computer too much (although I am better than I have been in the past), I know that I’m not on it enough to get carpal tunnel.  My right shoulder has had issues for many months, too.  It’s one of the reasons I consistently go to the chiropractor, because he does help it.

In thinking about what else could be causing me such problems, I realized that the other part of the problem most likely is — Curious J.  She’s a solidly built toddler, and whenever I lift her up onto her changing area, I always lay her down with her head on my left, which means I’m extending my right shoulder at an awkward angle.  In thinking about this today, I remembered having similar shoulder problems with Lyd.  I didn’t start potty-training Lyd until she was over 3 years old, so I was lifting my big girl up for quite a while.

So, now I’m lifting Curious J up a little differently so as not to strain my shoulder, I’m making sure to be as ergonomic as possible when I type, and I’m trying to type as little as possible.  Hopefully, all of this will help.

Maybe I’ll just have to try to potty-train Curious J earlier than I did Lyd.  I actually have the potty seat up in the bathroom already, and J loves to sit on it in her birthday suit before and after her bath.  She accidentally peed a bit on it once, but it didn’t make an impression on her.  But, I figure it’s just a matter of time.  I’m not going to push her like I did with Lyd, because that completely backfired on me, and made potty training take SO much longer!  But, J wants so much to copy her big sister and me, so I’m hoping that those examples will rub off on her, and she’ll potty train earlier than age three and a half.  My arm needs a break from changing diapers!


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  1. Dear Emily,

    I have had carpel tunnel since I was 18 due to me being such a writer and many other joint problems due to scholiosis. Though, I have been drinking something that is all natural wild fuits and berries from around the world that has helped all my joint problems. I thought I was going to have to have surgery on my hands and another cortizone shot in my knee before it blew out. After drinking this drink for over a month I started noticing that I wasn’t poping and cracking anymore. I didn’t have the need to go get that cortizone shot and my hands feel better. Amongst other health issues that it has worked out for me! I can drink it and I don’t have to go to the doctors anymore! Not even for other problems like Acid Reflux, Allergies, sore throats, and anxiety. I usually get the flu each year. I didn’t get it this year! I’m also sleeping better and being energized during the day! I think clearer too which is difficult to do when you have an 11 year old daughter being homeschooled and hormonal, an 8 year old boy with ADHD, and a 2 year old who always wants you with them.

    About the potty training thing… The earlier the better and yes it’s good that you don’t repremand them when they are learning. Now, if they already know the difference because you have taught them over and over to keep it in the potty and it’s been a year since they first actually knew how to go potty; then I might say something to the child. My 8 year old was potty trained in 2 weeks when he was 3 1/2 years old. He knew that his big sister and all of us around him went potty and so he started going. He’d say potty and run to it after my husband was working a week on him. He had some problems the last week trying to do it on his own and making sure he told us before he dashed to the bathroom, but we didn’t yell at him or anything. We told him he was a good boy for trying and to just make sure someone knows that he has to go to help him. My 2 year old was basicly started at 8 months old introducing the potty to him. By the time he’s 3 I’m very sure he will be potty trained.

    It’s funny because they say that boys take a lot longer than girls, but my daughter backslid due to my 8 year old being born. She had just got good at going on her own and doing everything right and not peeing the bed at night. Then, my 8 year old came along and she wanted to know why he could wear a diaper and she couldn’t. I explained why, but that didn’t seem to matter to her. So, she started peeing her pants again! It was phsycological though because she could go to my grandmother’s and not wet, but then we’d come home and she’d flat out say, “I’m home now, I can wet the bed!” OOOO! Talk about a little tweeked! My mom and I were like we don’t think so! If you could stay dry at GG’s house then you can stay dry at home too. Nothing worked until last year. I told her how she could start her menstral anytime and end up in a puddle of blood instead of pee if she didn’t stop. That made her stop very quickly!!!

    If you’d like to know more about the juice I drink feel free to email me at aprilsoles@yahoo.com

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