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When I was growing up, my mother had “fancy soap” in our bathroom.  They consisted of little pastel-colored bars of soap in various shapes: flowers, sea shells, hearts, etc.  This soap was Not To Be Used by us.  It was fancy soap, meant to be decorative on the counter.

Growing up, I didn’t question this.  I simply regarded it as decoration, and dusted it when it was time to clean the bathroom.

So, like all kids do, I grew up.  People gave me fancy soap-thingies for MY bathroom.  Once I got little bars of soap in different smells and combinations, but because they were “fancy soap,” I never used them.  However, I didn’t have a good way to display them, so put them in my bathroom closet on a shelf, where they continue to sit today.  Another time, I got some fancy Crabtree & Evelyn shower gel and bath powder.  Their bottles were lovely, so I displayed them on my bathroom counter.  They have now been sitting there for about seven years.  I dust them when I clean the bathroom.

Last Christmas, I was given a beautiful box with two bars of fancy soap.  Triple milled, honey, little scrubby things in the soap itself, expensive real soap.  At first, I mentally classified it as Not To Be Used, and was going to not use it.


Then, I realized that it was not display-worthy soap.  It was in two fat bars, and it was Meant To Be Used.  Plus, I was almost out of soap.  So, I decided that I would indeed use the soap that was Not Meant To Be Used.

I used it and, dude, it was the NICEST bar of soap I have ever used.  It never got slimy, the little scrubby-things in the soap felt SO good when I rubbed the bar over my body (it was like a loofah every time I washed), and the bar lasted a LONG TIME, much longer than my regular Caress soap did.

Alas, both bars are now used up.  But, after the success of using the Fancy Soap, and also while going through a major de-cluttering phase in my life, I am using things up.  So what if they’re nice?  Why can’t I use nice things??

And this summer, when my current other fancy soap that I’m using is gone, I’m going to use up the smaller bars of fancy soap in my bathroom closet, and I’m going to use up the bottle of lavender shower gel that’s been sitting on my counter for seven years.

I’m looking forward to it. 🙂


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  1. I received some great advice before our wedding from a mom of one of my friends (who was moving at the time of our wedding) — “Use your “good stuff” for everyday things!” Like use the crystal bowl for serving a salad just to your family, use the wine glasses for juice, use the “good towels” not just when the guests come over. Why? Because otherwise you forget that it’s even there and you find the stuff 25-years later and realize that you never used it (probably NOT the purpose intended from the people who gave it to you — you know collecting dust or “hiding” on a shelf or in a closet). So we try to use the “fancy things,” probably not as much with young children as we did when we were first married — but everytime we use them, I think of our wedding and the person/people who gave us those nice things and enjoy the item and the memory. 🙂
    So, enjoy those fancy soaps! (I grew up with those, too.) 😉

  2. Your husband (the oft-mentioned “JJ,” i.e. me) grew up with “not to be used” soap in the dresser drawers, making our drawers and clothes smell extra … clean? And blog readers will be pleased to know that on our last trip to visit family last month, some of those VERY SAME BARS OF SOAP are being used for the very same purpose in “new” drawers. It was like, dude, soooo retro, man.

  3. I agree with both of you, but here is a story in tiredmama’s favor:

    A family (well, a couple really) from church invited us for brunch a few years ago. They used their fancy china and crystal, but not because we were such *special* company. No, it was their custom for Saturday brunch. What a cool idea! I thought. So I too used our good china and crystal for Saturday brunches. Until I got prego and didn’t even want brunch! Now they sit waiting to be used again in the same tradition as before, when LBG is a little older.

  4. I took your advice on Sunday, and used my nicer dishes for setting out our homemade Mother’s Day brunch. And, yes, I think I will make an effort to use my other fancier dishes more often, too. I have lovely things – might as well use them!

  5. My family tells a story about an aunt who was given china, crystal and linens for a wedding gift. She had never had such fine things before. The china and crystal were displayed in a china cabinet. The linens were folded neatly in a drawer. They were all to be saved for something “special”. A few years after the wedding, a tornado destroyed the house and everything in it, even the china, crystal and linens. From that day on, everyday was special to our aunt. When she acquired new items for her home, she was so grateful. She used the good china for daily meals. Crisp linens adorned the table. Good jewelry was worn all the time, simply to enjoy it. I’m sure she used her fancy soaps, too.

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