how I spent my Mother’s Day

My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is, perhaps, a little oxy-moronic.  But, it makes me happy, and it’s been what I’ve chosen for most Mother’s Days that I’ve enjoyed (except for last year).

I go shopping.  Alone.  For me. 🙂

Today, I ended up spending the entire time at Kohl’s.  I’ve never done that before, and I spent an … absurd amount of money.  However, I bought clothes not only for me, but also for my eldest daughter, who is almost out of hand-me-down clothes.  And, honestly, I never go shopping.  So, compared to someone who does a bunch of little shopping trips, I just did it all in one big swoop.  And got 15% off my entire purchase, thank you Kohl’s.

One of the surprisingly expensive items were bras.  Now that Curious J is almost weaned (we’re down to nursing only in the morning, and I’m ending that in another week or so), I also needed some new ones.  Do you know how EXPENSIVE bras are?  Yow.  Even when you “buy 2, get 1 free” they’re still expensive.  Still, I needed them, so I got ’em.

I didn’t get a day off in the kitchen today, but that’s actually okay.  I made a delicious brunch today for lunch, and I left JJ with all the dishes. 😉  That was a treat.

This is not a very exciting post, but it actually was a busy day.  I played organ for church this morning, and JJ had planned lots of different music things that I needed to be involved in.  It was hard to keep one step ahead of everything.  Plus, Curious J only wants to sit with me at church, and it was a bit awkward.  Thankfully, an experienced mother took her, managed to get her screaming to stop, and kept her relatively calm throughout the service.  I was very grateful.  Lyd and her schoolmates sang in church this morning, and I didn’t realize until the moment to sing had arrived that JJ expected me to accompany them.  Thankfully, I had played through the new hymn (out of the Supplement) earlier in the week out of curiosity, so I wasn’t totally sight-reading.

My girls were super-cute today, dressed in pink dresses.  J wore an old dress of Lyd’s, and Lyd wore a dress that I bought six months ago for her and had forgotten about until this week when I was cleaning in my bedroom.  Here’s a picture of my two beauties playing with the chalk outside.


I’ll write something more interesting than this during the week, I promise.  Right now, I’m just … tired.  I don’t usually shop for three hours at a time.  But, I’m happy, too.  Overall, it was a nice day.  When I got home, Curious J had the biggest smile on her face when she saw me.  I know I’m loved.

Oh!  We’re overflowing with berries at our house.  I got home from teaching yesterday morning to find JJ and the girls gone.  Not knowing where they were, I decided to quick go to the Farmer’s Market and pick up some fresh berries.  When I got home, JJ met me at the door, laughing because they had just gotten home from the Farmer’s Market themselves, with — fresh berries.

We had 8 pints of raspberries in the house yesterday.  Now, we’re down to 2 pints.

We all love raspberries.

And strawberries.  And blueberries.  And sweet cherries.

It’s a good time of year.

JJ and the girls also bought flowers at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, which JJ hid in the fridge in his office, and then got up this morning and had them waiting for me in a vase on the kitchen table.  It was lovely.

It was a good Mother’s Day.