children, present and future

Since my voice has been really shot the last few days, Lyd has taken over “reading” Curious J’s favorite bedtime story to her.  Right now, J is on a kick for the Sandra Boynton book “The Going to Bed Book.”  The three of us (my girls and I)  read it at least twice every night before bed.  Lyd has, of course, memorized it, so she took care of “reading” it to her little sister for me the last few nights.  It’s been so cute.

J is also in love with the book “Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.”  I always read it in rhythm, and she loves it.  She tries to keep the rhythm with me – I love seeing her musical development progress!


Speaking of being on a kick for a story, Lyd’s kick for the past few months has been the Disney version of the “Sleeping Beauty” story.  We have the movie, but she doesn’t like to watch it, because she doesn’t like to see the evil fairy, Maleficent.  However, she WILL watch the part of the movie where Briar Rose sings for all the animals.  In fact, Lyd often sings the little ditty that Briar Rose sings on “aah” as she waltzes around the house.  I think she’s well on her way to becoming a first soprano. 🙂

Last night before supper, Lyd told me, “Momma, I’m making up a story.  In MY story, Maleficent is not bad, she’s good.  In fact, she helps little children whose mommies and daddies have died to find new homes.  The little girls she helps are named [she rattled off her own name as well as those of the girls in her class at school.]”  I was duly impressed!  Not only is she finding her own way to turn Maleficent into the protagonist rather than the antagonist, she is using a conversation that we had last week and working it into a story!  Lyd and I talked about it a bit tonight, and we decided that over the summer, we’re going to develop this idea into a real story and turn it into a book and draw pictures for it and everything.  Should be fun!


This idea of “finding homes for children whose mommies and daddies have died” sprang out of a conversation that Lyd and I had last week about adoption.  We’ve had more than one conversation about adopting a child, and I’ve realized that I have a strong pull towards adopting an orphaned child.  I don’t care if it’s a domestic or international adoption, but if we were to adopt, I would really want to adopt an orphan.  Lyd is also getting excited about the idea of adoption.  Some friends of ours are adopted, and we have talked about how lucky these children are to get such a loving mommy and daddy, and how God can make even bad situations work out for good.

I don’t know when an adoption like this would happen.  Probably not soon.  I’m kind of hoping that God will make it clear to us when the time is right.  JJ and I have talked about it, and we’ve agreed that now is not the right time for us to adopt.  But I think about it every now and then, and I even pray about it.  If we are meant to adopt, then my future child’s birth parents are out there somewhere, and I’d like to start praying for them sooner rather than later.