the first last day of school

Today was Lyd’s last day of school – for the first time.  She finished her year of four year old Kindergarten, and is now a five year old Kindergartener.  Next year, she will attend full-day Kindergarten with the same teacher she had this year in the same classroom, but with more children, as our Kindergarten enrollment has increased for next year.

As her mother, I am left with nothing to say but the age-old words of “How time flies!”  It truly does seem like only yesterday that I was weepy-eyed over her first day of school, and now it’s already over.

She is already missing school.  “I want to go to more school!” she said during supper tonight.  I just smiled; I know that feeling won’t last forever!  We’ve got some summer activities planned: she’s taking an outdoor phy-ed class with two of her classmates through a local Park & Rec, and she’s also starting gymnastics classes over the summer.  I’m trying to work out a weekly playdate at our house with a favorite classmate, too.  She and I have plans to work on a story, and we’re also going to work on our math (she loves and is very good at math) as well as continue to practice writing her letters, which is coming a little harder to her.  But she’s full of ideas for stories, so I’m going to try to incorporate some of her letter practicing into story-writing.  She also wants to learn about the “world-ball” (the earth), so we’re going to get some books out of the library and learn more about that, too.  She is fascinated by the idea that when it’s daytime here, it’s nighttime somewhere else.

She had such a wonderful year in school, and I am so thankful to her teacher for all she did to make this such a fun year for Lyd.  Her teacher was able to instill in Lyd a love for school, a love that hopefully will last her through all her school days.  Lyd matured so much this year – it’s just amazing to see.  She plays so well with other children, expresses herself so well, and is really coming along in her academic skills as well.  Tonight as I was working in the kitchen, she was sounding out words and writing down the letters.

She received a personalized award from her teacher today at the school picnic.  Those of you who know my daughter personally will find it highly unsurprising that Lyd’s teacher gave her the “enthusiastic student” award.  Her teacher mentioned how Lyd is always SO excited to do any activity, and that her enthusiasm often rubbed off onto the other students, getting them excited for a new project as well.  When I heard that award, I just smiled.  Lyd isn’t like that only at school – she’s full of positive energy at home, too.  She is a wonderful daughter, and she’s practically always a joy to have around.

JJ and I have been so pleased to see how much she has grown in her faith this year.  Some of that is, I’m sure, a simple result of her maturation.  But it’s so wonderful to see her make connections between her faith and life, and to see her put her faith into action.  Tonight, when I asked her to do a few tasks, she cheerfully (and enthusiastically!) said, “Yes, Momma.  I WILL help you.  Because when I help you, it’s my way of saying Thank You to Jesus.”  I smiled.  She’s a Lutheran, alright.

And she still says hilarious things, too.  Tonight at supper, out of the blue after being quiet for a few minutes, she said, “Someday we should go to school naked.  It would be … Naked Day.”  JJ and I looked at each other, burst into laughter … but made no comment. 😉  I don’t know where she gets all of her ideas, but that little mind of her is always thinking about something!

What a girl!

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  1. As for the “naked day” stuff … Apparently Lyd’s teacher had the students help taking down items and cleaning up the room on the last day of school. When it was all over, the teacher said, “The room looks naked.” And, well, the rest is history. They are kindergarteners, after all!

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