good company

My parents are currently visiting from Wisconsin.  It’s such a treat!  They haven’t been out here in a year, so it’s nice to show them what’s changed in the past 51 weeks.  Lyd is done with school now, and done with her dance classes (Grandma and Grandpa got to see her dance recital on Saturday), and today is the first official day of Summer Vacation.  JJ decided that Grandma and Grandpa should always come out for the first week of summer vacation, as they got up with the girls this morning, allowing me and JJ to linger in bed.  It’s been a LONG time since that’s happened!

I’m being a little more industrious and pro-active in the kitchen now that they’re here.  They’re still sort of on Central time, so I don’t want meals to be too late.  Everything has turned out well so far in the kitchen, and tonight we’re grilling fancy marinated steaks for supper.  Pair it up with some homemade fries and spinach/strawberry salad, and the answer is Yum!  Maybe I’ll make a berry cobbler with wheat-free flour for dessert and really make the meal a treat.


Dad is busy cutting down brush and branches around the fenced-in area on our property to give me a sunnier space in which to plant a container garden.  He likes to work outside when he’s here, and I’m so thankful for his help.  Hopefully by the end of the week we can have a clear spot to start come plants in containers.  Lyd will enjoy that.  I very much want to get a little garden going.  I’ve got two pear-tomato plants going in that fenced-in area right now, but I think they need more sun to grow successfully.

This is a close-up of a fenced-in area with no name. I used this area to plant some sugar-snap peas so that they would be out of the reach of the deer which freely roam our property. Notice the lovely stone bench in front. :)

This is the fenced-in area in which I want to get a container garden going. It's the only way to have a garden and keep the deer from eating it. Last week we had a 4-point buck five feet outside my front door eating my flowers. So, any garden has to be out of the deer's reach.

 It’s just … nice to have mom and dad around.  It’s nice to have extra grown-ups around to play with the girls.  It’s nice to sing our evening prayers in 4-part harmony rather than 2-part harmony.  It’s nice to have help with the evening dishes, and it’s nice that Lyd has extra people willing to read her stories.

It’s especially nice that Grandpa and Grandma are willing to babysit the girls overnight while JJ and I get a night away at a bed & breakfast near the ocean.  How wonderful is that? 😉