a strange day and a stranger night

Two days ago, I gave Curious J the homeopathic remedy that her homeopath had mailed me almost a month ago.  Somehow, in the flurry and busy-ness of May, I had completely forgotten about it.  But, I found it, and I finally gave it to her.  I gave it to her in the evening, after supper, before bedtime.

The next morning, J woke up crying.  She rarely does that.  She was irritated and not happy.  That continued the entire day.

Curious J was incredibly cranky.  We watched a lot of TV, and read a lot of books.  We had a playdate, but she pushed the other little girl, cried and threw tantrums.  Later she took a nap, but not a good nap.  She was cranky the entire day.

After supper, I had to go out and run an errand, so JJ put her to bed at 8pm “on the dot,” as he said.  However, she didn’t fall asleep.

She bounced around in her crib, talked, counted (she counts now – it’s so cute!), and … didn’t fall asleep.  She didn’t fuss or cry, but she didn’t sleep.

I went in a few times to make sure her diaper was okay, to check that nothing else was wrong, to sing her a lullaby, to shush her and remind her to lie down and go to sleep, but every time I came in, she literally jumped up in her crib with a big grin on her face, so happy to see me.


At 9:30, I gave her two Hyland’s Calming Tablets, which is a mild homeopathic remedy to reduce “nervous tension and sleeplessness.”  They made absolutely no difference.

At 10:00, I moved a soundly asleep Lyd to the guest room.  Somehow, she had fallen asleep despite her sister’s noise, but I wanted her moved to the other room as a precaution.  I didn’t want two tired girls in the morning.

At 10:30, JJ and I remarked on the continued happy sounds coming from the baby monitor, looked at each other in bewilderment, and decided to get her up for a while.  So, I went upstairs to the nursery, and was met by a cheerful, smiling Curious J.  She was overjoyed to be gotten up, and I took her into my room with me as I prepared for bed.  She enjoyed watching me brush my teeth (she always does), and we “talked” in the bathroom as I washed my contacts and put on my pajamas.

Then, I took her downstairs, where she ran to her daddy with open arms and a huge grin on her face.  JJ and I couldn’t believe her mood, which was the polar opposite of what it had been during the day.  She was funny, laughing, happy, smiling, readily giving kisses and hugs, and generally just happy.  And completely awake.


I prepared a light snack for her, which she ate with enjoyment.  We played with Lyd’s dolls for a while, and finally around 11:15, I took the still-very-awake baby upstairs to my room with a stack of her favorite books.  We snuggled into my bed together, and proceeded to read almost every book in the stack.  Finally, I sang her a lullaby (“Jesus, Shepherd of the Sheep”), gave her two more Calming tablets, and tucked her back into bed at 11:45.  She still was completely awake and happy, but I figured that sooner or later she would have to fall asleep.  I went to bed, and fell asleep quickly.

When JJ came to bed an hour later, I woke up and went to check on Curious J.  She was still awake and happy to see me, but now she was quieter, and she didn’t get up when I came in the room.  I covered her with a blanket, gave her a kiss, said “Time for sleepies.  Good night!” and left the room.

We didn’t hear from her again until 9:15 this morning.  What a treat!  We all got to sleep in this morning.  Best of all, Curious J woke up happy and cheerful.  It was wonderful.

Curious J was perfectly happy all day today.  She took a great nap in the afternoon, although by the end of the afternoon, she was she was a little more fussy than usual.  She was fine after supper, however, she was fine during her bath, she was fine during her bedtime routine, and she fell asleep right away.  No late-night partying tonight.



I wondered last night if the homeopathic remedy might have caused this change in J.  I emailed my homeopath, and this was her response:

It sounds that J has been aggravated a bit by the remedy. Remedies never do any harm, however sometimes they stir things up for a couple of weeks. This is usually a good sign. It means that J is reacting to the remedy and it will probably do many good things for her.  Please keep me posted on how she is doing. In any case this is only temporary and will resolve in a couple of weeks.

So, we wait and see.  I have to say that I’m more and more impressed all the time with the power of homeopathy.  It’s amazing medicine.  But I’m also thankful that J is “back to normal” again.  Of course, it makes me believe even more strongly that most if not all fussiness in little children has some outside cause rather than just the baby him/herself.  It makes me even more determined, as a mother, to do the best I can to find out why the child is fussy and crying, and to respond appropriately and compassionately.  I don’t think J’s fussiness was “her fault,” and I’m glad I didn’t get angry or frustrated with her.

On the flip side, it was actually pretty special to have such a lovely late evening with just my baby.  She was in such a good mood, she was so pleasant to be with, and it was such a treat to snuggle in bed with her and read her stories.  What a nice memory I have of last night!  She’s a darling, sweet little girl.