fighting fear

For those of you who tend to avoid the news, let me share with you a little tidbit of international news.  North Korea, ruled by an egomaniacal dictator whose name escapes me, is messing around with nuclear weapons, despite being told by the USA and it’s allies to stop.  Now, North Korea seems to be making plans to test (aka. shoot off) a long-range missle.  There is much speculation that North Korea is going to aim the missle towards Hawaii.  However, the closer the boat carrying the missle gets to Hawaii, the more chance that the missle could hit any number of other American targets, including the western third of the USA and Alaska.  (And Australia, too.)

This all makes me nervous.

My husband has, very logically, told me that if North Korea is stupid enough to bomb the USA, that country is toast.  Yes, true.  However, the USA would have to first be bombed for that to happen, and well, that idea doesn’t sit well with me.

It doesn’t help that yesterday I noticed four fighter jets flying in formation towards the west.  I noticed two more fighter jets flying west today, while the girls and I were at the Farmer’s Market.  This all makes me a little uneasy.  Although, once again, my logical husband made the point that it’s better to see the fighter jets going off in that direction as opposed to seeing no kind of defensive actions being taken.  He’s right, of course, but I wish the planes didn’t have to fly off at all.

(I just have to remark that it’s amazing how FAST those fighter jets fly!  We live close to SFO (San Francisco Internation Airport), in fact we can see the airport from our house, even thought it takes 15 minutes to drive there.  So, we see passenger jets all day long.  However, those fighter jets were moving at least twice as fast as the passenger jets.  And loud!  My, they are loud!)

As a Christian, I know that there will never be peace in the world.  I know that the sinful nature inside every person will incite people to wars and rumors of wars until the end of time.  But, I’m not used to it.  It makes me nervous.  Even though I know that my final home is in heaven, these “wars and rumors of wars” make me afraid.

Long-time blog readers know that I have anxiety problems.  This news has not helped.  Yet, this situation is one that I feel that I need to attack from a more spiritual perspective.  This is a situation where I have to trust God, trust that he still rules heaven and earth, and trust that nothing truly bad can happen to me as a child of God.  I need to trust that everything will work out for good.  I need to pray about this fear, then put it aside and not let my heart be troubled with it. 

So, that’s what I am trying to do.


Last night, as I was trying to push this fear aside (after having prayed about it), I was wondering exactly how to do that.  Into my mind came the song from the musical Camelot entitled “What Do the Simple Folks Do?”  The song is sung by King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, as they wonder how ordinary peasants put their worries and fears aside.

The lyrics made me smile, as well as helped me to put some of my fears aside in time-tested ways.

Guinevere: What do the simple folks do
To help them escape when they’re blue?
The shepherd who is ailing, the milkmaid who is glum,
The cobbler who is wailing from nailing his thumb,
When they’re beset and beseiged,
The folks not noblessly oblieged,
However do they manage to shed their weary lot?
Oh, what do simple folks do, we do not?

The song goes on to try whistling, singing, dancing, and possible solutions.  The final solution, ironically, of what simple folks do, is that:

Arthur: They sit around and wonder what royal folk would do
And that’s what simple folk do.
Guinevere: No, really?
Arthur: I have it on the best authority.
Together: Yes, that’s what simple folk do.

Singing certainly does help, as does spending time with your children.  And, for me personally, it helps to remember that every person alive at some point in their life feels this kind of fear and anxiety about what the future will hold.  There’s no way to avoid it, and it happens to everyone.  I don’t know why that comforts me, but it does.  I guess it makes it seem more normal, thereby making my fear seem more normal.  I don’t have to feel that there’s something wrong with me for being afraid.  Everyone feels this way sooner or later, but as a child of God, I can be confident that everything’s going to be okay.