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Michael Jackson died today.  What a strange man, and a sad life.


I slept badly last night, and have felt lousy all day.  I’m also dealing with icky digestive problems, and I’m not sure of the cause.  Is it a case of my body still recovering from all of the penicillin the other day?  Is it a result of the Chinese herbs my acupuncturist prescribed for me?  Not sure.  I hope it settles down soon, and I hope I sleep better tonight.


Curious J is loving slides these days.  Whenever we go to a park, her favorite place to play is on the slide.  Today, at our local park, she spent most of her time on the kiddie slide, but then noticed the slide for the bigger kids, climbed right up, and went down on her own.  What a girl.


Whenever we go driving, Lyd is noticing Hondas everywhere, especially Honda Odysseys like ours.  “There’s a Honda!” is what we often hear from her.  It’s kind of funny, but strarting to get annoying.  I think I need to teach her more car logos. 😉


JJ’s working hard outlining questions for his Comps.  He is not enjoying trying to explain liberal Catholic theology.  He is trying to prepare one question a day, each of which takes at least a few hours.  His first set of Comps will be held July 8.  We’ll all be glad when he finishes them, passes with flying colors, and is then DONE with them.  Whew!


I worked hard to clean up the house earlier in the week.  It’s disheartening to see how easily it gets messy again.  Because I was feeling so sick, I went to bed and left it a mess last night.  But, it gave me a chance to have Lyd help me pick up in the morning, which was only right and proper, as she and her sister made the mess, not me.  Thankfully, things stayed pretty clean today, which is nice.


Lyd is obsessed with the game “Guess Who?”  We must have played it for an hour this afternoon while J napped.  I am glad to play games with Lyd, but it’s definitely one that’s more fun for her than for me.  I also realized that I could beat her mercilessly at the game if I truly wanted.  I didn’t.  However, if we play “Memory” together, then I have to work at it.  😉


A few more peas poked their heads up today.  All of my zucchini plants are developing additional leaves.  We’re supposed to get a heat wave here this weekend, so I’m sure that will help.  The garden continues to grow…


3 thoughts on “this ‘n that

  1. The key to winning Guess Who (in the long term, i.e. over many games) is conditionals–the goal is to split the group remaining on each turn into halves as nearly as can be done, allowing yourself to be certain of eliminating a large number of candidates. That’s generally only possible by phrasing your “yes/no” question with several conditions: “Is your person a man with facial hair?” or “Is your person wearing either a hat, glasses, or both?” for example.

    I think my sister and I took that game too seriously.

  2. If only Andrew was close enough to play with Lyd. He also loves Guess Who and is always looking for a playing partner.

  3. My kids are obsessive about finding different cars. We have “Hug Bugs” “Beep Beep Jeeps” and for some reason whenever you see a PT Cruiser you get a kiss (they save them up and get their hugs and kisses when we get out of the van). They also like GMCs, which they get a kick out of saying phonetically (Guh-Mmm-Kuh).
    Yeah, my kids are weird . . .

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