overthinking FAIL

Yeah, I know that’s the tagline in my blog: “doing my best not to overthink…”  Some days I do better than others.  But today, actually pretty much this whole week, was a giant FAIL in the overthinking department.

Overthinking is exhausting.  I am SO tired.  But you do realize, don’t you, that I didn’t get to sleep through the night for 15 months straight when Curious J was a baby?  And lately, for some reason (probably the fact that she’s being put to bed later since it’s summertime), she’s not sleeping as well and is waking me up in the morning earlier than I would like to be awakened?  That’s a lot of lost sleep.  And when you’re overthinking, you’re more prone to get anxious, and when you’re anxious, it’s harder to sleep and sleep deeply, so it’s a giant downward spiral.

And, of course, there is the “the kids are finally in bed so it’s now MY TIME and why waste MY TIME by going to bed” syndrome.  Gah.  There’s just no way around that one.  And JJ’s up even later than me every night, so it’s not like I’m staying up while the entire rest of the household is in bed.

Does anyone out there want to be my sleep buddy?  Not actually to share a bed with (har har, you wish!) but to be my partner in holding each other accountable for achieving a reasonable bedtime?  I mean, seriously, Sarah, Sara, Ruth, how do you do it?  How are you still sane?  How do you get so much done with all your kids and still find time to sleep?  (Well, I know part of the answer – you stay off the computer!)

It doesn’t help that this week I started taking herbs from my acupuncturist and they’re simply too strong for my system.  My system is so weak that the herbs have given me digestive issues all week, which has further depleted my already-depleted reserves.  I’m not taking any herbs tomorrow, and I’m calling my acu on Monday.

Think, think, think, think…  That’s what it’s been all week.  It will come as no surprise that a major symptom of Spleen Qi deficiency is overthinking.  But, at the same time, when you’re prone to overthinking in general, is that any surprise?

So, I will now stop ranting and raving, quickly proofread this post for glaring typographical errors, finish my few dishes, fold the last load of laundry, and go to bed.  JJ suggested that I just keep moving as best as possible and get to bed as quick as I can.  As usual, he is full of wisdom.

I’m serious about the buddy thing.  I know me; I can’t make myself do anything when it’s just me.  I need accountability.  Someone?  Anyone?


One thought on “overthinking FAIL

  1. I am totally with you on getting to bed at a decent time. I suffer from the “my time” syndrome, too. Sometimes, the “my time” needs to be sleep! How many nights have I sat in front of the computer reading various blogs leaning closer and closer into the screen as I get sleepier and sleepier. Before I know it, it is really late and I don’t really remember what I have read.

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