I [heart] blogging

I love blogging, perhaps more than I should.  But I really do enjoy it, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of planning posts and writing them out.

Sometimes I wonder why this is so important to me.  What drives me to spend time during my day, when I theoretically could be doing something more “useful,” writing out my thoughts like this?

Part of it is simple: I like keeping a sort of diary.  It’s fun to write about events and one’s thoughts on those events, and then read back on them later and re-live those events.

I also use blogging to keep track of my daughters’ growth.  I don’t do baby books like I should could, so blogging is my way to record their milestones.

A big reason why I have come to love blogging is that it makes me focus (most of the time) on finding the positives in my life, even when my life doesn’t go the way I had expected.  No one wants to read a blog where the writer is whining all the time.  Instead, I believe that people will return to and be followers of a blog where they can relate to the events the writer shares, while appreciating her perspective on situations.  I’m not perfect, far from it.  I don’t have all the answers.  But I like to think that my imperfections, my “not finished yet”-ness, and my honest struggles strike an chord with my readers.  Furthermore, the fact that after 14 months of blogging, I have a number of loyal readers (hello to you all!) has instilled in me a sense of dedication to those who choose to read my blog on a regular basis, as well as a desire to continue to provide quality content that will keep those readers coming back.

But there’s one more important reason I blog.  I blog for my girls.  I wrote about this once before, and my reasoning still holds true.  Life can change in an instant.  I fully intend to live to a ripe old age and see my children’s children.  But that may not be what God has in store for me.  No, nothing is wrong with me (except that I have another bladder infection – Grr!  But that’s another post), but as a 32 year old wife and mother and woman, I realize that life is fragile.  I love my girls with all my heart, and if God chooses to take me home early, I want them to know who their mother was.  I want them to see that I wasn’t perfect, that I struggled, but also that I was happy, I laughed, I loved my daughters tremendously, and I trusted in God with my whole heart.  So, I see my blog as a kind of insurance policy, a way to make sure I’m not forgotten or misunderstood by my daughters if the unthinkable happens.

(I recently found this blog by a woman who is actually in that tragic situation.  She has two young children and she’s dying of cancer.  If I think that I choose my blog subjects carefully, that’s nothing compared to her situation.)

I love blogging.  I truly do.  And this month, to my great delight, I had the most hits ever, getting over 1300 hits in June!  I am very excited about that.  (To be fair, I’ve been getting a number of hits via my post Ten Things To Do on a Hot Day, but even without those hits, it still would have been a very good month.)  It’s been exciting to watch my stats climb, and it’s inspired me to focus even more on being a quality blogger.

But, I’m tired.  I’m really, really tired.  My body is giving me signs that if I don’t start getting some more quality and quantity of sleep soon, I’m going to have real problems.  I would love to have another baby, but I’m simply too tired right now.  Plus, I would like to try to re-discover what the pre-internet Emily was like.  (The pre-internet Emily didn’t have kids, however, so I don’t know if she’ll ever truly be found again! :))  I have a reason to try to crochet an afghan again.  I used to love to watch old movies; maybe I’ll start up my Netflix subscription again.  And, there’s a peacefulness in turning off the computer in the evening and not feeling the pull to do anything more.

So, I’m going to try to blog just a little less.  My thought right now is to aim for five days a week.  But a little bit of a break probably would be helpful for me, physically and emotionally.  I won’t give up blogging all together; I love it too much.  But perhaps moderating it a bit – that I could do.  It might be nice, actually.

But don’t worry, regular readers.  I’ll still be here. 🙂


One thought on “I [heart] blogging

  1. I love blogging, too. You are right. It keeps us accountable. No one wants to read about our problems…unless we have a solution and want to share to help others. If we start a project and tell the world about it, we’d better follow through! Blogging about life is great for me as long as it does not become my life. I have really cut back on blogging this past week or two, because, frankly, better options have opened up. For instance, we had drop in friends during my blogging time yesterday and today, I slept in. I needed it!

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