a … day

I’m  having a bad day.  I didn’t read all the directions before starting out to do something this morning, and it ended up as pretty much a total failure and waste of time and energy, with the side effect of putting both of my girls through a rough morning.

I’m trying to shake my funk, but having a difficult time.  It doesn’t help that Curious J, due to the off-ness of the morning, is having a most difficult time falling asleep (it’s almost 3pm), and I don’t know if she will make it to sleep at this point in the day anymore.  If she does manage to fall asleep, what will she be like when she wakes up late?  Oh, my.

It’s just … one of those days.

I have no brilliant words to offer today, but I did find inspiring words for Christian parents someplace over at Elizabeth Esther’s blog with this inspiring post, guest-written by Molly.  Those of you who think me a lenient, hippie, Proverbs 31-eschewing, boundary-less parent (all of which I am not, at least most of the time ;)) – read that post.  THAT is how I try to parent, and Molly writes about it better than I ever could.

Bad days come, and bad days go.  Some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re the windshield.  Today has been frustrating, but better days will come, I am sure.

If I’m being total honest, I can’t say the day was a total loss.  It’s now 3:15pm, and the toddler just might be asleep after all.  The older one is also asleep (since I declared today a “nap day” for her as well).  JJ is working in his office, soooo … the house is completely quiet.  That is never a bad thing!  I just finished off a bag of sour cream & onion chips, but I am now snacking on a banana.  So, it’s not a totally awful snack.  A good friend left a message on my machine asking me to call her back, so I have a good conversation to anticipate later.  And my day started off nicely, with me snuggling on the couch with a daughter on each side, kept warm by Lyd’s blankie as the three of us watched an entire episode of “Sesame Street” … together.  I could have spent the time doing something more “useful,” but what is more useful than being with your children and cuddling them close?

Today’s not over yet, and I think it might be lookin’ up.  Perhaps it will end up not being a bad day, but just be a … day after all.