it is finished!

JJ took his Comps today, he got good questions to answer, and he feels he answered them very well.  So, we are rejoicing that his Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Liturgy and Liturgical Music is done!!!

(Alright, it’s technically not done yet.  His essays still have to be corrected yet, and the actual diploma has to be issued, but JJ says he sees no reason why he would NOT have passed.  Until we are shocked to learn otherwise, we are going on the assumption that he passed.  Hey, they let him participate in the graduation ceremony a month ago!  They must have figured he would be successful at his Comps.)

He’s pretty worn out, but it is finished, and that’s a huge, huge sigh of relief for all of us.


Of course, things are never completely perfect.  My left hip has started acting up again.  Something, either a tendon or ligament or something else, keeps shifting around in my hip, making it always sore and sometimes quite painful to walk.  If I focus on walking correctly with my toes pointed forward, it’s usually … okay.  But sometimes I step on it wrong, and oh, my, does it hurt.  I saw my chiropractor again today, and his adjustment lasted for about two hours before it popped out again.  Sigh.  He gave me some exercises, but told me that it will probably just take some time to heal.

I’m sure it will get better, sooner or later.  It’s annoying in the meantime, but it will eventually get better.

I’m just thankful that JJ is done with his degree!  What a load off of all of us!