garden update

(This is a post that I know my father will enjoy.  I just recently discovered that he is a faithful reader of my blog.  Hi Dad!  We’ll see you soon! :))

So, about my garden.  My garden has been doing okay, although it’s not turning out as well as I had hoped.  Only 3 carrots came up, and those that did don’t really seem to be growing.  Hmm.  Also, my scallions don’t seem to be doing well.  They all came up, but they don’t seem to be growing anymore.  It’s the same story with my lettuce.  However, my beets are doing great; I thinned them out a bit recently, and while I hate to discard perfectly good plants, I think I need to thin them a little more.  My zucchini plants are also looking good and are steadily growing.


My zucchini plants are looking good and are steadily growing.  My climbing bean plants are growing steadily, too, but thy have reached the top of my trellis and now have nowhere to go.  I don’t have a solution for this, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


My pear tomatoes are starting to ripen; I have about 3-4 tomatoes that need to be picked soon, and more will be ready next week.


My peas are — okay.  I keep thinking they should be growing taller faster than they are, but they do seem to be growing, so hopefully they’re just shy.


I went to OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) last week, and I bought a container in which to plant a hill of pumpkins.  I planted them, but I’m not optimistic.  I really think the container is too small – oops.  I also bought a pepper plant at OSH, one that already had peppers on it.   I had a pot for that, and I hope it continues to grow well.


While at OSH, I picked up a container of Miracle-Gro, and gave my garden a good dose of that.  It seems to have needed it, as I have seen definite growth in the garden over the past week.  I think that I’ll have to learn more about composting before I try to plant next year’s garden.  I suspect that the soil I’m working with could use a bit of a boost.

I also used some Miracle-Gro on my flowers, which have been just ravaged by the deer.  Everyone around here who gardens at all has been saying how the deer are unusually ravenous this year.  They’re eating things they don’t normally eat.  For example, they ate off most of my daisies recently.  😦  The deer have never touched my daisies before.  They also ate my impatiens, alyssum, and my marigold plant that was a Mother’s Day present from Lyd – I thought deer hated marigolds!  Of course, the petunias have been a favorite of the deer, and some of the petunias I planted earlier finally gave up the ghost and died.

So, I also picked up a few new flats of flowers.  I dug out the old, dead plants, and put some new ones in.  Some plants still had some life in them, so I planted new plants amidst the old ones.  In the picture below, you can see the new petunias I planted between the old ones, and you can see the lobelia I planted in front.  In the back is some cosmos I planted from seed that is coming up nicely, and that the deer only ate once. 


I bought some bright pink flowers, too.  (Guess who picked out those? ;))  I forget what they’re called, but they certainly add color outside my front door.


I liked these spreading red flowers, and I planted them in the box outside our front door.  In the back are some brave morning glory plants that were eaten off by the deer, but have attempted a comeback.  Hopefully the Miracle-Gro will help.


In an effort to keep the deer away, JJ sprayed Liquid Fence outside the other night, which is a nasty-smelling mix of disgusting things: rotten eggs, animal urine, who knows what.  It smells awful as you apply it, but the smell is gone by the next morning.  It’s specifically designed to smell awful to deer, who apparently have more sensitive noses than we humans do, and who can continue to smell it for quite a while afterwards.  So far, so good – the deer haven’t touched my flowers.

My bird-of-paradise plant is doing well, too, although I can’t take any real credit for that other than watering it.  It’s always been a favorite plant of mine; nothing says “California” quite like a bird of paradise plant.


But I am pleased to report (and Dad, you’ll appreciate this – you helped me plant them!), that the gladiolus that my father and I planted are doing great!  I bought these bulbs specifically because the box said they were “deer-resistent,” and so far the deer haven’t touched them.  They’re growing tall and doing wonderfully.  I’m looking forward to seeing those flowers – I just hope they don’t decide to bloom while we’re in Wisconsin!

Finally, here’s a picture of my with our house in the background.  Huge, old forever-dropping-pine-needles redwood trees are next to me and behind me in the picture, and our house is in the background.  Me in my California habitat.  😉