trip to the Farmer’s Market

Our family always enjoys a trip to the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market.  Last Saturday, we came home with this:



 We came home with sweet corn, potatoes, blackberries, raspberries (we had already eaten one basket of raspberries by the time I took this picture), sugar snap peas, peaches, raw almonds, carrots, beans, a pepper, lemons, nectarines, melon, grapes, and, of course, a bag of kettle corn, which is a favorite treat for all of us!  We also bought a half-flat of strawberries, which I turned into freezer jam the next day I didn’t do anything fancy; I just used low-sugar Sure-Jell.  It’s simple, and it tastes great.

The german table prayer on the wall behind all this food is from Grandma Violet’s house.  It’s a simple laminated placemat that she brought home from a trip to Germany many years ago.  It hung above her stove for many years, and now it hangs above mine.  I like it.

Yes, all of this food is sitting on my flat, ceramic stove.  People often ask me if I like having a flat stovetop like that, and the answer is: Yes, I love it.  🙂