she’ll learn soon enough, I’m sure

Today on our way home from the grocery store, I had the country music station on the radio.  Lyd and Curious J were with me, and Lyd happened to be listening to the music more than usual.  She asked me questions like, “What’s falling in love?’  and, “What’s a broken heart?”  (Obviously, you can tell we were listening to country music! :))

I tried to explain falling in love to her, but she didn’t really get it.  I have made a point to never talk to her about “boyfriends” or girlfriends or anything like that.  I’ve never asked her if she has a boyfriend, and I’ve steered others away from asking her that question as well.  She knows that her friends can be boys or girls.  And, while she definitely has boy friends, on the whole she prefers her girl friends, mostly because they can play princesses together.  Lyd is very into princesses.  And pink things.  And jewelry.  She’s quite a girly girl.

I tried to explain a broken heart by saying, “Someday, you may fall in love with a boy who doesn’t fall in love with you in return.  Then you get a broken heart.”  She didn’t seem too bothered by that explanation.  “Then you don’t get married to the boy, right?” was her response.  She didn’t grasp the depth of the situation, and I decided that was JUST FINE.

Ah, the sweet innocence of the almost six year old girl!  I wonder how long it will last.