fun with time zones

After many years of experience in switching to Central Time on vacations and having to switch back to Pacific Time upon returning home, JJ and I have learned two things:

  1. It takes a week to fully switch onto a new time zone.  We spent two weeks in WI this past trip, so we were able fully acclamate to Central Time.
  2. Coming from east to west to return home has its advantages.  Our whole family is going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, eating earlier, and as usual, we’re hoping some of these changes will stick.

This time zone shift coming right at this time in our lives is especially nice because I was wondering how it was going to work for our family to get back into the school groove again.  With our whole family waking up routinely at 8am (or later!) this past summer, an 8:30 school starting time was looking pretty grim.  However, thanks to our switch to Central time, it’s just gotten a LOT easier!

JJ and I are planning to stick with this waking up by 6:30/7am for as long as possible.  Not only will this aid the start of school in less than two weeks (Ack!  How did summer fly by so quickly?), but it will also be helpful for getting to bed by 7:30/8pm at night.  Our bedtimes had been getting pretty late, both for the kids and for us, so this recent time zone shift has been extremely helpful in getting us ready for the new school year.

The biggest trick, of course, will be for JJ and I to get to bed at a reasonable time.  Both of us have problems with time management, so we end up staying up late at night to finish necessary tasks (or in my case, to waste time on the internet.)  But, the start of a new school year feels like a good time to make some changes, and hopefully we can stick to them.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

At least, thanks to our recent trip, we’re off to a good start.