loved daughters

My girls.  Oh, my girls.  I just adore them.

Don’t think I coddle them.  Because I don’t.  Unless, coddling means letting them crawl in bed with JJ and I in the morning, giving them large amounts of hugs and kisses during the day, trying not to miss an opportunity to smile at them — if that’s coddling, them I’m guilty as charged. 😉

Now that Lyd has five days of all-day Kindergarten under her proverbial belt, we can already see a change in her.  A good change.  She has so much poise, so much confidence, so much enthusiasm for school (although the enthusiasm for school is not a change).  It’s strange to have her gone all day, but yet it’s not as strange and I thought it would be.  She was gone from 8:30 to 1:30 last year, and this year it’s 8:30 to 4:00.  Curious J naps from 1:00 to 3:30ish, and since school gets out at 3:30, I like to walk with Curious J down to the playground to play with the other schoolkids, give me a chance to chat with the parents and teachers, and just be outside.  But at 4:00, we all come home, eat a snack, Lyd changes out of her school uniform, and then the girls have some time together to play.  Curious J likes having her big sister home.

Lyd asks such good questions these days.  She thinks about everything, long after the event is over, too.  This afternoon, she asked me a question about the bedtime story I had read her last night.  She also is starting to have the “problem” of getting a song stuck in her head.  I remember that problem as a child, too. 🙂  She is still inordinately scared of spiders, and persistently informs me anytime she sees a spider in our house.  I try to be gentle with her, remembering my own fear of all things reptilian, but it gets rather tiring at times.  Daddy long-legs terrify her, and I have no idea why.  But there are so many other things she loves and is interested in (right now, it’s centaurs – she saw the Disney movie “Fantasia” at my parents’ home in WI, and she’s now obsessed with making lego centaurs and dressing up as a centaur whenever she gets the chance.)  Lyd is so interesting to be around, so fun to converse with, and just a delight to have as a daughter.

Curious J adores Lyd, too, and threw tantrums the past two mornings when she realized she couldn’t go to school with her big sister.  But, all things considered, I think Curious J is starting to get used to having Lyd gone for much of the day.  She’s learning to play more on her own, although it’s not always easy for her.  Luckily, we have things to do most mornings, so that helps.  Next week we start going to Curious J’s “My First Art Class.”  I’m excited to see how she’ll do in a class setting where her momma is not the teacher.

Curious J’s speech and vocabulary is really starting to take off.  She still chatters as much as ever, but we’re actually able to make some sense of it now.  I think she’s even creating a few sentences!  The other morning as I was helping the girls get dressed, I noticed the moon out of their window.  “Look, girls, the moon!” I said to them.  Curious J pointed at the moon and said, “Moon!  I see da moon!”  I was impressed; if I’m correct, that’s her first sentence.

Curious J is getting funny, too.  She’s got a cute way of eating, where she takes one bite and eats it like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.  She doesn’t make a mess like Cookie Monster, but she does make the noises.  Of course, JJ eggs her on a bit, but still it is ridiculously cute.  It’s especially darling when she does a dramatic pause for a few seconds before she takes the bite.  We all laugh at her antics – and she knows it!

As she is growing, I’m realizing that she is revealing herself to be more and more like me in her personality.  I’m sure this will mean clashes between us in years to come, but at the same time, I get my daughter.  I understand her.  And it’s quite humbling to see so much of yourself in your child.

I’m enjoying this opportunity to have so much one-on-one time with Curious J.  It reminds me of similar time I spent with her big sister, before J was born.  I know that the gift of one-on-one time with a child is not granted to every parent, and had I my way, I probably would have wished for more kids to arrive in quicker succession.  But God has seen fit to have my children come to me at … a slower pace.  So, I take them when they come, thankful that they have arrived at all, and enjoy my time with them together as well as separately.

Before I had Curious J, I had moments of being overwhelmed with worry that I wouldn’t be able to love a second child as much as my first.  Now, I can say that I love both of my daughters with my entire being, yet I love them differently.  I can’t define it any more clearly than that, but it’s absolutely true.