in full swing

This week is The One where everything is finally getting started.  It’s the first full week of school, my friend and I are into our routine of walking three mornings a week, a new session of my music classes begins this week, Curious J’s art class begins this week, Lyd’s gymnastics classes are into their third week already – this is the week we’ve been gently easing towards for the past month.  Plus, this weekend JJ will be gone to Wisconsin, beginning his “four plane trips by early November” schedule.  So, we are in full swing here.

Luckily, the weather has been absolutely perfect.  This is why people pay big bucks to live out here!  It’s warm but not too hot, cool but not too cool in the evenings, the sky is clear and blue, a slight breeze is blowing — it’s literally perfect weather.  We were even blessed with an early-in-the-season gentle rain shower on Sunday night, which served to green things up a bit after our summer of no rain (as is typical out here).  What a difference the rain made in the smell of the outside!  It didn’t smell bad before, but the rain added a marvelous richness which my friend and I (and Curious J, who always comes with us in her stroller) thoroughly enjoyed during our Monday morning walk.

I love autumn in northern California; it’s essentially a mild summer.  But, ironically, the season I miss most not living in the Midwest is — autumn.  I miss the crispness coming into the air, I miss the changing colors on the leaves, I miss wearing comfortable sweaters.  But, I do dearly love autumn in northern CA, too.

Since this time of year is still so summer-like (and will continue to be that way until the rains arrive in full force this winter), I planted a second garden over the Labor Day weekend.  Now, a week later, everything is starting to come up, which is delighting me to no end.  I am hopeful that a little less sun in the day (we had some scorching hot days in the past few months which baked my poor container garden), plus more selective watering on my part (I think I overwatered the last garden trying to compensate for the heat) will make for a lovely little late garden.  My radishes all came up, my onions are making appearances, my lettuce isn’t coming up as much as I thought I had planted, but there’s still time.  Plus, my pepper plant put forth a whole new crop of blossoms, and I’ve now got about ten new peppers growing on my tiny plant.  Best of all, my beans are dramatically poking their heads up today – I think watching those little sprouts literally poke their heads up may be my very favorite part of having a garden!

So, we’re off!  Everything is in full swing.  Now we look ahead to two birthday parties for the girls and towards …

… Thanksgiving?  Christmas?

What? Those holidays are just two and three months away?  My, how time flies!