new music classes

I’m busy teaching Music Together classes this week.  It’s always fun to start a new collection with a new bunch of songs.  Although, these songs aren’t truly new to me; Music Together has nine collections that rotate over a 3 year cycle.  Last time I taught the current collection was in fall of 2006 – 3 years ago.

The neat thing about this new session is that except for Tuesday mornings, all of my teaching is happening right here at our church!  This has been a dream of mine for years, and it’s finally coming true.  Best of all, despite a slightly lower overall enrollment in our program (the economic crunch is finally starting to be felt here in Silicon Valley), almost all of my new classes have enough families enrolled to meet the minimum necessary to run the class!  Now it’s a super short commute to work. 🙂

I taught two classes Tuesday morning, a class this afternoon and a class this evening (Thursday).  The evening class was a pajama class, where everyone was supposed to come in their pajamas.  I brought my girls in their pj’s, and I wore yoga pants and a comfy T-shirt.  Not all the parents came dressed as casually as I did, but I hope they will next time.  Thanks to the fact that all the parents enrolled were veteran parents, it went really well.

Tomorrow morning I have two more classes, and on Saturday I have just one class.  I’m nervous about all these new classes starting up, but excited about it at the same time.

I have learned, however, that I need more practice in switching from “teacher mode” into “mommy mode.”  I don’t have the hang of that yet.  I’ve been so hyped up before and after teaching these classes, that it’s hard for me to settle back down and focus on stuff that needs to get done at home.  Hopefully, with time and practice, that will get easier.

Curious J is loving all this extra music!  I’m so glad she’s so agreeable and such a model MT child during class.  Not every kid is that way, even if they’re very musical, so I feel very blessed to have J around.