spontaneous words

It’s time for a break from the anxiety-laden posts of the past few days.  Suffice to say, I’m continuing to get a little better every day, although I’m still quite tired and definitely not anxiety-free.  However, I seem to be heading in the right direction, and I am grateful for that.  Best of all, JJ came home safe and sound today, and he says he still thinks I’m cute, even when I’m anxious.

I’ll keep him. 🙂

So, moving on to a different topic for a moment, my little Curious J is really starting to talk!  Words, understandable words, are making their way out of her gorgeous little rosebud mouth!  For example:

Yesterday at lunchtime, I told her that she was getting a sandwich for lunch.  She responded, “Yay, sanwih!”

Today at her art class, I re-introduced her to paint.  As she got paint on her fingers, she looked up at me and said, “Icky.” 🙂  (She got over that soon enough, however, and soon had her hands full of paint!)

She fell down at some point today (a non-traumatic fall, not like the roll off of my bed this morning, smack onto the floor!!  The girls had come into my bed for some morning cuddle time, but they were spending more time burrowing under the covers than cuddling.  J burrowed right off the bed and smack onto the hardwood floor – ouch!)  Anyway, at some other point today J fell down, needed to be consoled, and said, “Sad.”  JJ and I both heard it!

As some of you may know, JJ went to the Packers game last Sunday.  He came home with some Packers swag (Stuff We All Get) of foam number one’s.  JJ showed them to Curious J when he got home, and she waved them around the house, shouting “Yay Packers!”  Yup.  She knows the Packers “G” symbol.  Train up a child in the way she should go… 😉

In general, whenever she trips or almost-falls or something little like that, after it’s over she says, “Okay?  Okay?”  I realized that she’s gotten so used to me asking her, “Are you okay?” when she falls, that now she just says it to herself when she falls. 🙂  I say it a lot, since J is so determined to keep up with her older sister, that she doesn’t always look where she’s going.  She’s walked into lots of walls, door frames, and she has missed many steps because she forgot to look.  She’s not clumsy, but she does get distracted.

She also is getting very good at yelling for “Momma!” from her crib.  Especially so when she wants to get out in the morning.  Considering that it took Lyd a long time to actually call me Momma (she called me Baba for quite a while), I’m glad she actually says my name, but it always seems to be said in a loud, desperate tone.  Oh, well.

Finally, she is also starting to say “I love you.”  Although, not always.  Lately, when I’ve said to her, “Say I love you,” she simply leans in for a kiss.

I’ll take that. 🙂