a love letter for a two year old girl

Oh Curious J, my beautiful birthday girl,

Tonight I want to write you a love letter for you to read years from now, recounting how wonderful it has been to be your mother for two whole years, and to mark your second birthday today.  As I look at the clock on my computer, I see that it is 9:45 pm, which is 23 minutes after your birth time.  You came into the world so quickly, and you still keep me on my toes today.

You’re developing such a wonderful heart.  You can be adorably sweet.  You also have a strong sense of what you want to do, of how you wish to complete a project, and you are not easily swayed from your plan.  When I allow you to do it your way, you often amaze and surprise me with your attention to detail.  You are quite smart. 🙂

You’re talking is really taking off.  You’re parroting so much of what we say, but you’re also coming up with your own words and sentences.  Tonight at supper, you took your spaghetti-encrusted fork, put it on top of your head, and said, “Look, a hat!”  What could the rest of us do but laugh?

One of your birthday presents that you opened tonight was a small bouncy kickball.  Much to the rest of our surprise, you grabbed the ball, said, “Ready?” and chucked it overhand at me.  I didn’t even know you knew the word “ready!” 🙂

You had a good time at your birthday party today.  Momma invited other mommas with children your age over for a party/playdate, and the highlight of the party was a music class that Momma did in the living room with all of her instruments.  You had a marvelous time, and were singing along more than usual, so I think you enjoyed it.

Sweet girl, you are such a sunshine in my life.  Even with your tantrums (which aren’t too many, really), you are still just the light of all of our lives.  Your sister loves you, your father loves you, your grandparents love you, and your mother loves you, too.  Oh, darling girl, I love you SO much!

I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow.  I’m excited to see your vocabulary develop, and to hear the words that you will say.  I love watching you imitate your sister, and I can’t wait to see what other tricks you surprise us all by being able to do.

Two years, baby!  Two years ago tonight since you arrived so quickly into my world.  I’m so thankful you’re here, here safely, and I’m so grateful that you’re my daughter.  I will love you always, sweetheart.