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My husband is back home, safe and sound, albeit sick.  What is it about gearing up for a big project that once it’s over, a person gets sick?  This frequently happens to JJ, and with the (non-Swine flu) Germ that is going around school, he finished his big event on Sunday afternoon, and promptly came down with a bad cold.  But, he’s home, and that’s good.  He leaves again in 12 days for trip #3 of the fall – 3 days in NoHo (North Hollywood, for you non-Californians) for the AZ-CA district pastor’s conference, where he is presenting the big paper on … drumroll, please … can you guess? … what topic would JJ speak on? … what else but … Worship!  Yes, he’ll be presenting a paper on “Luther, Worship, and Adiaphora.”  Hmm.  I’m sure all the pastors will be in 100% agreement over THAT topic!  ha ha

Both of my girls have also had the Germ that’s been going around school.  Lyd felt pretty lousy yesterday morning when she woke up, but JJ was gone, I had to teach, she didn’t have a fever, she didn’t want to stay home, and all the other 19 kids in the school have had or are having the same bug anyway.  So, I sent her to school armed with some homeopathic “cold calm” tablets to take the edge off of her symptoms.  She took one an hour (more or less), and she said they helped.  After being sick for the past week, today Curious J seemed the healthiest she’s been in a week, so that’s good.  Another cold gotten through without J getting bronchiolitis!  I’m very pleased.

Curious J also got her second vaccine of her life last week – a DTaP shot.  She had a little fever afterwards, but otherwise she seemed to do okay.  She had the Germ too, and I suspect that was more troublesome than the actual shot.  Now that J is past the two-year mark, I am trying to decide what other vaccines to give her and when.  Sigh.  I don’t know if these decisions will ever feel truly made.

But no Swine Flu (or regular flu) vaccine for us!  I’m (obviously) not a big vaccinator anyway, and I’m hearing a lot of bad stories about the swine flu vaccine.  So, thanks, but no thanks.  However, if anyone wants to give my kids chicken pox, I’m definitely interested… 😉


After flipping out the night before JJ left (last Thursday evening), I’m pleased to report that my anxiety was not a big problem while JJ was gone.  Hallelujah!  I did have to be conscious of doing thing to mitigate it and prevent it altogether, but I was overall quite successful.  I am very, very grateful, and by the time JJ got home yesterday, I was feeling pretty comfortable in the “single mom” groove.

I had such a lovely time with both of my girls while JJ was gone.  It’s wonderful to watch my daughters grow and change.  Curious J is tantruming a little less these days, and is usually delightful to spend time with.  Her vocabulary is expanding unbelievable rapidly, she’s parroting everything I say, and she’s learning to use words in her own ways, too.  Today while at the chiropractor’s office, she noticed a semi truck drive by outside.  “That’s a big truck,” I told her.  She replied, “That’s a big, big, big, big truck!”  She then repeated it again, adding even more “big”s.  She’s understanding the concept of adjectives!  Very exciting.

Lyd loves, loves school.  She just lives for school.  She adores almost all of her classmates, is very helpful in the classroom, and is reading and writing more and more.  They do something called “writing workshop” in the afternoon, and Lyd’s teacher is encouraging her to write whole sentences and use punctuation, and she apparently is doing quite well.  She often comes home telling me what she wrote about today.  It’s great to see that level of enthusiasm in her.  Then again, Lyd is nothing if not enthusiastic.  😉

So, that’s what we’re up to.  The girls are fantastic, I’m feeling better emotionally, and JJ will hopefully be doing better soon.  (Amazingly, I have somehow avoided getting the Germ, although I suspect that once everyone in the house is over it, that’s when I will get it.  But, I’m taking care of myself as best as I can, and that’s all I can do.  What will be, will be.)  In the bigger picture, there are things to pray for in my life, and things to thank God for.  There truly is a lot of good in my life right now, and the more I can focus on the current good and the current joys while still believing that there will be future good and future joys, the calmer I feel.  I continue to be an unfinished work in progress, but I know that as a forgiven and redeemed child of God, I’m just where he wants me to be.


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  1. “I’m hearing a lot of bad stories about the swine flu vaccine.”

    I’m curious about where you’ve heard those, and what, exactly, they were. I’m especially curious given the fact that the vaccine was only released… Tuesday!

    That’s right: the vaccine only became available in the United States about 36 hours ago. The only people who received it before then were those in two very small clinical trials, which were clear–so if those people you’ve heard from had issues, they didn’t tell their doctors or the folks running the trials.

    As for the rest of the world? “China began its swine flu vaccinations on Sept. 21, the first country to do so. Of the first 39,000 Chinese to get shots, only four had side effects, muscle cramps and headaches, a World Health Organization spokesman said Tuesday, wire services reported.”

    As Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the section of the NIH in charge of such things, said: “I mean, we even had a report that one of the TV programs asked me to dispel the myth that somebody was reporting that there were serious adverse events that occurred from the first H1N1 vaccine that was given to a group of kids about two weeks ago. There was no H1N1 vaccine that was given to anybody two weeks ago.”

    Dr. Fauci goes on to say that it’s most important for children and young adults to receive the vaccine–unlike most strains of flu, where fatalities are most common among elderly people with pre-existing conditions, H1N1 disproportionately kills those under 40, and many of those who have died have been completely healthy prior to contracting swine flu.

  2. The bad stories I’m hearing about the swine flu vaccine are about the potential side effects, not about actual side effects, so you’re right about that. However, I’m not a big believer in mass vaccines in general, especially not for something as low-key as the flu.

    My concern about side effects are not the short-term side effects, but the long-term side effects. There simply hasn’t been adaquate time to determine if there are any long-term side effects to this swine flu vaccine, and that concerns me.

    I have a problem with our society’s approach to health care in general. I know the big talk in Washington is “Health Care Reform,” but I’m frustrated that no one from either side is truly talking about changing the way health care is carried out. Everyone’s merely talking about changing how we pay for it, not about changing our approach to health care in general. I’m irritated with both sides of the aisle about that.

    American society defines health as the absence of disease, but I believe that true health goes a lot deeper than simply “not being sick.” Our American society is pathologically unhealth, despite the fact that we’re living longer and longer. Children are getting chronic diseases at younger and younger ages. People are just starting to wake up to the fact that quality nutrition (ie. organic, whole foods) plays a key role in health. Yet the government continues to subsidize farmers who produce products that are the basis for the hydrogenated, high-fructose corn syrup – laden foods that are still far too prevalent today. If the government truly wants to reform health care, they should start at the very foundations of health. Stop worrying so much about how to pay for the current system, and change the system so that we focus on achieving wellness and true health, rather than focusing almost solely on curing illness. (Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not against finding cures for diseases. But wouldn’t it make sense to put equal amounts of research and energy into finding ways to help people be naturally healthy so that they don’t get those diseases in the first place?) The current paradigm for health in the U.S. is on invasive ways to stay healthy rather than natural ways. I disagree with that paradigm, so I also end up disagreeing with a lot of the mainstream ways to stay healthy.

    Sorry, I got on my soapbox there for a moment. 😉

    So, as you can probably tell, I’m not a believer in flu vaccines in general. I believe that people would prefer to just get a vaccine and then live however unhealthily they want, when instead they should be striving to live a healthy life where they won’t need a vaccine (except, perhaps, in the case of a true pandemic, which I don’t believe this swine flu outbreak is.)

    I’m worried about potential long-term side effects to the swine flu vaccine and the regular flu vaccine. I’m worried that thimerosol (mercury) is highly prevalent in the flu vaccines, and I’m worried that they want pregnant women and young children to get this mercury-laden (along with other toxic crap) vaccine. I’m worried that so many adults get flu shots every fall, and no one seems to realize the correlation that Alzheimer’s disease is hugely on the rise. I’m worried about the huge number of shots children under two are supposed to get, and I’m worried about the skyrocketing numbers of autistic children (yet no one can figure out why. But, no, we did a study and it’s not vaccines. Really??? Then why do the symptoms of autism match that of a person suffering from high levels of toxic metals in their system? Why does de-toxifying children sometimes work to cure autism? I’m sure autism is more than just vaccines, but I do believe that vaccines play a big role.)

    Finally, I’m concerned that the heads of the CDC are also high-ups in various pharmaceutical vaccine-manufacturing companies. There is a huge conflict of interest there, and I just can’t believe that the CDC is totally unbiased. I want to believe that the government has our backs and is looking out for our best interests, but unfortunately, I don’t believe that anymore. I think there’s too much corruption and too much money to be made via vaccines, and I don’t think there’s adaquate emphasis on safety.

    One website that I’ve found that agrees with my natural-health paradigm is Check out this article on why Dr. Mercola thinks that children (and adults) should avoide the swine flu vaccine:

    (I should also add that not all Christians will agree with me on this, and that’s okay. My paradigm for natural health isn’t a tenent of faith.)

    ~ Emily

  3. I find myself right in the middle of you two. I lean on the side of Emily. We try so hard to feed our kids whole, natural made-from scratch foods then we put these ingredients into them.

    But my 4 yr old son & I have asthma and this study really worrys me:

    I don’t think it is like the other flu’s. Next year the H1N1 strain will be added to the regular flu shot. I don’t want to get a flu shot every year, no one knows what 60 years of having these strains injected into you are going to do. Both of us have had 1 flu shot in the past… with no major reaction. I don’t want it in my system every year though.

    They are making money off of vaccines, the manufacturer & workplaces. More less severe illnesses have vaccines to keep it from spreading in daycares and keep parents from taking off work so that workplaces don’t suffer. But they come at a cost & not all countries are vaccinating as much as the US.

    Newborns whose mothers are not immune may suffer severe, prolonged or fatal chickenpox and there is no evidence that when young girls who have received the chickenpox vaccine have babies, they will be able to pass sufficient antibodies to their babies.

    We are taking elderberry extract and vitamin D along with a multi-vitamin to bump up our immune system for this flu season but I am still undecided about the h1n1 flu vaccine since my son and I are both high-risk. Its a hard decision to make, for sure.

    I don’t blame anyone who feels that it is the right thing to do to vaccinate and I don’t blame others for not vaccinating. I think we have the christian freedom to choose. Remember that although God wants us to use the resources he gives us (doctors and the health professionals could be considered in this catagory), he also wants us to take good care of our bodies.

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