good ol’ fashioned mothering days

I’ve been quieter here lately.  My blog stats certainly demonstrate that.  My emphasis on getting to bed earlier, trying to make good little choices with my time, and the general busy-ness of this fall, has made my presence on this blog a little less than it had been over the summer.  Thought-full posts take time, and when I’m choosing where to spend my time, I’m not always chooing my blog anymore.  I still think the deep thoughts, and I think, “This would make a good blog post,” but the thoughts just don’t make it out of my head as much as they used to.

For example, I know I had some good posts knocking around in my brain lately, but tonight I’m too tired to let any of them out.  I’m really tired.  Curious J’s lingering cold finally gave up the fight and slipped into bronchiolitis on Friday.  So, both she and I had a wretched night of sleep on Friday.  She coughed and coughed; on average, she coughed every 3-4 minutes all night long.  I should have started breathing treatments with her that night (it frustrates me that my brain is so fuzzy in the middle of the night – the solutions that seem so obvious the next morning never occur to me at 2am.), but I didn’t bring out the nebulizer and Xopanex until the next morning.  I was going to try to take her the doctor the next morning, but because it was Saturday, I couldn’t get her in.  Thankfully, when I checked my stash of old prescription medications, I still had a bit of oral steroids left over from her last bronchiolitis attack in spring, which I rationed out over the weekend (in much smaller doses than she should have been getting, but I had to make the best use of the little I had).  I already had plenty of Xopanex (and 2 refills available), so once I started her on the bronchiolitis protocol, she started breathing better and coughing less.

Last night (Saturday) she still coughed, but it was a lot better.  In fact, she slept straight through from midnight to 8am (which meant I slept, too!  Yay!).  Despite the sleep, I’m still pretty tired and groggy.  Curious J is better as far as her persistent coughing goes, but she’s still got a lot of chest congestion and wheezing, plus she got the last of the steroids tonight.  So, tomorrow (Monday), I plan to take her to the pediatrician and make sure we’re on the right track towards getting rid of the bronchiolitis.

I’m disappointed that she got bronchiolitis again, but I’m trying to look on the bright side; at least her body fought the bug for over two weeks before giving in.  In the past, once she’s gotten a cold, it’s turned to bronchiolitis in less than 48 hours.  I know the homeopathy helps, and I need to be more focused on giving her daily doses of the lung-strengthening remedy when she’s fighting a cold (which I didn’t regularly do.)  I don’t know if her bronchiolitis is all my fault, but I know I could have done a little better.  Sigh.

Amazingly, despite the entire school plus every member of my family getting sick, I still haven’t gotten sick (knocking frantically on wood).  This is unheard-of for me, but I’m very grateful.  My throat feels a tiny bit funny tonight, so hopefully more Vitamin C and lots of sleep will help with that.

A few Facebook friends of mine are dealing with swine flu.  It got me thinking about formulating a plan, just in case we all get it at our house.  Mainly, it means having some chicken broth prepared and stored up in the freezer.  I used up the last of my frozen broth two weeks ago when JJ came home sick from WI.  I think I’ll start buying a whole chicken this week just so that I can make a batch of my yummy homemade broth again.  I also want to make sure we have Pedialyte, crackers, and other easy-on-the-tummy foods stocked in the pantry at all times.  But, I usually try to keep at least a bottle or two of Pedialyte on hand anyway; I’ve learned that when you need it, you don’t have time to go out and get it.

Despite the difficult, tiring weekend, I am so thankful for my lovely daughters.  Even when Curious J is sick, she continues to be her (mostly) cheerful self.  Lyd has helped out a little more recently, too, which I’ve appreciated.  There’s a lot of sacrifice involved in mothering, and it’s makes it a little easier when you’ve got two cuddly little girls giving you hugs and kisses.  I made it a point to make hugs and kisses a daily part of our routine when they were babies, and I’ve enjoyed seeing first Lyd and now Curious J begin to reciprocate those behaviors as part of their perception of “normal.”  It makes me feel that, despite how I daily fail as a mother, that I’m doing at least one thing right.  I do love my girls.