this ‘n that

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet this week.  I am here, and I’m okay.  It’s just that Monday and Tuesday ended up being super-busy days.  I even fell asleep for a bit Tuesday afternoon; I hardly ever sleep when I lie down in the afternoon, so I must have been tired.  This weekend is going to be tiring, too, so I’m mentally trying to gear up for it.  I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow morning — I hope I can get myself organized enough to buy everything I’m going to need for the weekend in one fell swoop.  Not that the grocery store is that far away, but you moms know that a quick trip to the grocery store isn’t ever truly “quick.”

Our furnace has been temperamental lately, although it’s been doing this for at least a year.  It’s happening more and more frequently that when it should be turning on, it doesn’t.  Tonight during supper, it turned on twice for five minutes each time, but 15 minutes apart.  The house never got as warm as it should have.  Very frustrating.  I’m going to call out a repair guy tomorrow.

We found out yesterday that my aunt’s terminal cancer is getting worse.  For a while, the doctors thought they had it held at bay, but a recent scan revealed that it’s spreading into her lymph nodes and pelvic region.  Not good.  Sigh.  My father’s job is also extremely tenuous; any extra prayers directed heavenward for those situations would be much appreciated.

The Bay Bridge is shut down for a while, after a piece snapped off during rush hour last night.  Imagine: a 5000 pound chunck of steel falling 100 feet onto your car!  Amazingly, only one person was slightly injured, and apparently it’s barely an injury.  But the bridge is closed, I’m guessing until at least the weekend.  I’m so glad I don’t have to commute – what a nightmare!  Hopefully the work crews fix the bridge correctly – the piece that popped off was part of a “bandaid” repair job done last Labor Day.  Oops.  Way to put taxpayer dollars to good use, Caltrans.

I like to end my blogs on a positive note, so I’ll shift the focus back to my family and say how much I enjoy teaching Curious J new things.  When she’s receptive to learning, (meaning in a happy, amiable mood), it’s so much fun!  I was teaching her parts of her face earlier in the week, so now she says “eee — teeth!” to me.  I also taught her “cheeks,” and we have fun pinching each other’s cheeks (gently, of course!)  It’s so cute.  🙂  And, I’m amazed at how well she remembers things!

She really is incredibly smart: Recently, she pointed at the tag on her blankie and spelled “Y-B-A-B” to me.  Very good!  Although, technically, she said “H” instead of “A.”  However, it was written in block letters, and it looked as much like an H as it did an A.  The letter had a square top, rather than the pointed top of a capital letter A.  So, I am giving it to her anyway. 😉  She’s been noticing other letters, too.  She gets them right about 2/3 of the time.  Lowercase letters trip her up a bit, but thanks to the book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom,” she’s learning those letters, too.

Lydia came home from school today, and told me about some experiences she had where she didn’t get what she wanted, and she told me, “Momma, I didn’t fuss or cry or pout or anything.  I just said, ‘Oh, well.'”  I was appropriately proud of her, and it makes me feel like my lessons in emotional good manners weren’t for naught after all.  It’s another good reminder that she always is listening, even when she doesn’t seem like she is.

We’re doing okay.  It’s a quiet week on the blog, but a busy one at home, and the vast majority of it is all good.