a break from the routine

Lyd only had school on Monday and Tuesday this week; the rest of the week she’s been off due to Teacher’s Convention.  It’s been nice to have her around a little more, and it’s been especially nice to not have to hurry up and get ready for school in the morning.  You’d think that because we live right next to school that mornings would be easy, but they’re not.

JJ and I wanted to do something special with the girls one of these three days, so today we drove to the ocean and spent about an hour at our favorite beach.  The girls loved playing in the sand, and I thought the diving pelicans were great fun to watch.  They would hover about 20 feet above the water, and then suddenly dive straight down into the water to catch something they had noticed below.  HOW they noticed anything is beyond me, since there were 6+ foot waves crashing around.  But that didn’t seem to faze the birds, and I thought it was pretty cool.

But, lest you think we were lounging on the beach in swimsuits, let me set the record straight – it was downright chilly on the beach today!  The sun poked through the clouds now and then, but it never truly came out.  We all wore multiple layers, none of which were removed.  In fact, we never even took off our shoes until we went back to the car and emptied the sand out of our shoes before driving away.  I did not bring a hat, but devoutly wished I had.  For a while, I wrapped a towel around myself and tried to cover my ears a bit, as the cold wind seemed to be blowing right through them.  (No jokes allowed, JJ.)  I may have mentioned before that I am NOT a fan of wind, and today was no exception.

Despite the wind, it was a pleasure to be at the beach, listening to the waves crash against the sand.  It was high tide and with all the wind, the waves were pretty impressive.  We did not go far down the beach at all, and we strongly warned the girls not to go close to the water.  But it was awesome to watch those huge waves literally crash onto the sand; it makes a person feel very small when all you can see in either direction is vast expanse of beach with waves continually pounding down, and all you can see when you look straight ahead is an even vaster expanse of water stretching out to the horizon.

After we left the beach, we ate lunch at the Flying Fish Grill, a little dive where we had eaten over Labor Day weekend and loved.  I again had the fish tacos, and again, I simply couldn’t believe how delicious they were.  I’ve always had an aversion to the idea of fish tacos, so it amazes me that not only do I like them, but I LOVE them.  I have a feeling that future visitors to our home will get taken to this restaurant for authentic award-winning fish tacos.  They’re that good. 🙂

Then it was back home, where we managed to transfer a sleeping (and sandy!) Curious J into bed without disrupting her nap.  Lyd had some quiet time to play on her own (she chose to use the pillows and cushions in the family room to make a fort), while I got ready for my afternoon music class teaching and JJ headed back to his office.

For me, it’s tiring to spend a lot of time outside, especially when I’m outside in the wind.  Although, perhaps it wasn’t so much being outside as it was hiking around in the sand following the girls around.  Whatever it was, I’m exhausted tonight, and I’m off to bed earlier than usual.  Maybe it’s still the effects of the end of daylight savings time, too.  This year the “fall back” has hit me hard.  It’s been five days, and I still feel mixed up time-wise.  Not to mention all the concerns going on in my life which I can’t do anything about except pray.  It’s all exhausting.  Oh, well.  This too shall pass.

I would like to do something special again with the girls tomorrow, but JJ will be busy, so it would just be me.  I’m considering making some cookies.  We surely don’t need any more sugar in the house right now (I took the girls to FAR too many houses going trick-or-treating, and probably another reason I’m tired is simply that I’ve been eating far too much sugar!), but I had the idea that we could make some Christmas cut-out cookies and freeze them.  December is always such a busy month, and if we can do these cookies now, that would save some time for later.  Plus, Lyd and I had such a marvelous time making cut-out cookies for her birthday, that it would be fun to try it again.  We’ll see how it goes.  Maybe we’ll just go to a park tomorrow (provided it’s not too windy) and play outside for a while.  The girls would love that, too.  Maybe I’ll get really ambitious and do both things! 🙂

(I’ll hopefully add a few pictures to this post from our trip to the beach today in a few days.  I’ll let you know when I do.)