but, dang it, there’s still no substitute for sleep

Okay, people, homeopathy is AMAZING.

Remeber that constitutional remedy I took back in September?  Remember how I got that near-panic attack a week later?  I think those two were related.  And remember LONG ago when Curious J had a strong reaction to her homeopathic constitutional remedy, to which the homeopath responded that with such a strong reaction, the remedy would probably do good things for her (and she was right)?

Well, I think it happened to me, too, and I think I’m on to something good.

For those of you unfamiliar with homeopathy and how it works, here’s an analogy.  Picture a house of toy building blocks that is not built very strongly.  In order to build a better house that IS built securely, one first has to tear down the old house, making things messier before they can be made better.  Homeopathy works in somewhat the same way.  Especially when working at a deep level (like a constitutional remedy does) it often makes things worse before making them better.  However, the “making it worse” is actually a good sign.  It means that it’s doing something; it’s tearing down the old to rebuild better and stronger.

I have felt SO GOOD this past month.  I have had zero anxiety, despite being in many situations where I normally would have felt anxious or which would have been recipes for anxiety.  I’ve not gotten sick, despite having lots of “sickies” around me (although, I think I’m finally getting something – more on that in a bit).  My body is doing other things that I remember it doing a number of years ago, things that I had barely noticed then, but that I notice now because it’s not how I was a few months ago.

So, something is working really, really well.  And I’m very psyched. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Unfortunately, my feeling so good has led me to be a bit, shall we say, careless with getting to bed on time.  It didn’t help that this weekend while JJ was gone I stayed up late watching girly movies.  I’m finally having to pay the piper; I started coming down with a sore throat yesterday, and I woke up with a wicked sore throat today.  (However, it was my last music class of the fall session, so I took a Tylenol, made a cup of Throat Coat tea, and powered through.  The show must go on!)  But, even the progression of this cold feels very different than my colds used to feel.  I feel as if I were to take enough Echinacea and other immunity-boosting supplements, I might actually kick this thing before it turns into a full-blown cold.  That would be a big change from how my body has been over the past few years.

I am glad I stuck with my original plan to give homeopathy a fair try until the end of the year.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am with these results.  There’s no other reason – other than the homeopathy – that I should be feeling this way.  Even JJ has noticed the change in me.

I am beyond pleased.  This is such a blessing!


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